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November 27, 2023

How to Use Dedicated Proxies to Access Online Entertainment

With the help of incredible feats of progress in telecommunication, the internet has completely transformed the entertainment sector. The combination of addictive social platforms and a comfortable environment for posting interesting content creates a fast gratification system which keeps us dependent on digital devices.

However, while the web and its biggest tech companies offer the most stimulating forms of entertainment, what we see is only a fraction of online content. The information we see is constrained by localized websites and streaming platforms that track private user data to present region-based content, ads, and most relevant suggestions.

In many cases, presenting localized data is by no means a bad practice: it helps visitors see the most interesting and relatable content. The problem stems from not having an option to opt out of this feature. Because of that, tech companies and government agencies can control what you can or cannot see, severely limiting the accessibility of content on the internet.

Thankfully, there is a quick and easy solution that effortlessly unblocks all content and access to restricted entertainment platforms. In this beginner’s guide, we will tackle the use of dedicated datacenter proxies for unrestricted access to digital entertainment.

Proxy servers are very versatile anonymity tools, and different types uncover tremendous benefits for both casual and business-oriented use cases. Here you will learn why datacenter proxies are better than other types for consistent access to geo-blocked content and what processes help them achieve this goal.

That being said, just because datacenter proxies are the most suitable servers for streaming and gaming, that does not mean that you won't be able to access these sites with other proxy types. Keep reading to learn more about the transformational power of proxy servers for accessing restricted data.

Why Do You Need Proxy Servers to Unlock Restricted Content?

While some internet users are appalled by the predatory design of digitized social platforms, there is no denying that the future of entertainment is intertwined with information technologies. Despite the dystopian undertones, they captivate the attention of billions of web users and create a fair but hyper-competitive environment for content creators.

When used correctly, modern entertainment platforms can offer a very fun and pleasant online experience, allowing you to enjoy movies, TV shows, and other traditional formats on digital streaming platforms. The web also creates a landscape for new ways to enjoy your time, with online video games uniting players around the world with a shared gaming experience. Accompanying that, we have innovative tools and gadgets that push the limits of digital entertainment, with Virtual Reality headsets closing the gap between real life and the digital world.

With dedicated proxy servers, you can change your digital identity and access any streaming library of your choice. On top of that, you can visit websites and platforms that would otherwise be unavailable in your region. Proxy servers change the IP address of a regular web connection. With a legitimate deal from one of the best suppliers, you can set up a connection to any country and enjoy local content.

Fundamentals of Proxy Servers

Before we tackle the benefits of dedicated servers for unlocking online entertainment, let's take a closer look at what a proxy server does. Proxies are intermediary servers that adopt your incoming information packets and assign them a different identity. This way, they receive a new IP address and with it – a new approximate location.

Without proxy servers, the transmitted information leaves your home network and uses the public IP address provided by the internet service supplier. Because this connection is dependent on your provider, it can be influenced by government agencies that choose which websites are appropriate for internet users in the country. All web connections disclose your approximate location, which is collected and stored by recipients to present localized content.

Sounds creepy, right? That is why a proxy server connection is so detrimental to all browsing sessions in 2023. Not only can you not pick the legitimate entertainment sources by yourself, but the content algorithms on social media networks will tie your IP address to the account and use this combination of private data to follow your connection through trackers across all websites.

Why Dedicated Datacenter Proxies are the Best for Accessing Entertainment Platforms

For most use cases, modern companies and business-minded persons use residential proxies or mobile proxies to work on data-sensitive tasks and stay anonymous online. However, because these procedures are so dependent on the privacy provided by residential IPs, they can ignore their one key flaw: slow internet speeds.

Unless you already have an existing residential proxy plan, there is no need to pay more for a slower residential IP to unlock restricted entertainment platforms. Datacenter proxy servers are located in dedicated facilities and provide faster access to remote locations for a lower price.

If you want consistent access to specific streaming libraries, online game servers, and other information systems, make sure to pick a dedicated proxy plan that will reserve a portion of the network for your use. This way, you can choose to utilize the same addresses instead of getting a new IP with every connection.


All things considered, datacenter proxies are the best option for accessing entertainment platforms with minimal latency. Other proxy types are more suitable for data scraping, fake account management, and other use cases where slower residential IPs let you blend in with regular web traffic. However, if you want to unlock geo-restricted entertainment platforms, dedicated datacenter IPs will elevate your content access with minimal loss of internet speed.

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