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March 21, 2023

10 Interesting Enterprise Cybersecurity Facts You Didn't Know

As we become increasingly dependent on technology, the risk we face from cyber criminals is now worse than ever before. Looking at the current cyber-attacks statistics around the US, it is scary to realize how much power hackers can have over us.

If you are worried about how safe you are from cyber-attacks, these facts about cybersecurity may provide the answers you need. Read these 10 facts on cyber security and take steps to protect yourself today! More actionable steps for enterprise-level companies can be found at website.

1. Every 39 Seconds, Someone Is Attacked Online

Possibly one of the scariest facts about hacking is that even as you read this article, people are being hacked at the rate of almost two attacks a minute!

Considering all the information we keep online, this is a crazy statistic and one that should make you think twice before randomly clicking on unknown links.

Most of these attacks are from fraudsters who use scripts to try to guess the login information of users on various websites so having good SaaS (News - Alert) data protection software should be enough to keep you safe.

2. 2023 Ransomware Damages Will Be More Than $25 Billion

Cyber security statistics also indicate that each year that passes sees more and more money being lost due to ransomware damage.

By the end of 2022, these losses had reached a staggering $25 billion! In 2023, this figure is expected to rise which means businesses are at a much greater risk of losing a lot of money.

In response to this cyber security information, companies will have to spend more money to safeguard their interests, which could affect the prices of goods and service delivery.

3. Advanced Threat Protection Works!

Whether you are running a small business or you are part of a multi-national company, having advanced threat protection is the best thing you can do for yourself.

This comprehensive approach to safety covers all the details of security for your company but most importantly deals with protecting your data and assets from cyber criminals.

Many people are still skeptical about how things like SaaS data protection can help them but these are such simple measures that have been shown to have the best results against data theft.

4. Many Businesses Are Not Well-protected

One of the most interesting cyber security facts is that even now in 2023 when so much is known about the risks of cyber-attacks, many businesses still operate with minimum online protection.

You need to have a formal and effective incident response plan if you want to be well-protected against the many threats that are out there.

Without this, it will take a lot longer for you to respond to a data breach, minimize the damage, and recover from the incident afterward, costing you a lot of money in the process.

5. Cybercrime Increased by 300% During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When researching safety on the internet, facts surrounding the impact of the recent pandemic are always bound to come up.

Interestingly, when Covid-19 health and safety measures were in place, cybercrime increased by as much as 300%! One of the major reasons for this is that a lot more employees were forced to work from home.

Considering that even after the pandemic, many businesses have continued the trend of having remote workers, this is a threat that needs to be looked into on a deeper level.

6. A Company Can Lose Three Days Due to a Security Breach

Even a relatively minor incident of a security breach can have a huge ripple effect on the productivity of a company. One of the facts about internet safety that seems to back this up is that it takes up to three days for a company to recover from an attack.

Again, this serves to show how important it is to have a proper response plan in place and to invest if proper safety protocols, such as SaaS data protection.

7. You Need Multi-factor Authentication

Gone are the days when a good password was enough to guarantee your online safety. Cybercriminals have since evolved and now have many means at their disposal to breach your password protection.

This is why you need to have multi-factor authentication as your last line of defense against hackers. It ensures that each login attempt must be verified before a user is allowed access to any sensitive information.

If hackers somehow manage to breach your login protocols, they will be faced with a huge mountain to climb to bypass your additional security.

8. Social Media Is Full of Cyber Criminals

As much as we love social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (News - Alert), and TikTok, these are the busiest hunting grounds for cyber criminals. While these platforms do have their protection protocols in place, hackers are regularly breaching user accounts and causing a lot of damage.

These days, with the increased user engagements on these platforms, if a hacker gets hold of one user account, they can have potential access to many more. This is why social media users are now at a much greater risk than ever before!

9. The Biggest Security Risks Are Negligent Employees

As much as organizations try to invest in proper security protocols for their companies, the easiest way for hackers to gain access is through the employees.

At least 28% of all security breaches are due to employees who do not follow the proper cybersecurity protocols. Not knowing simple things, such as using VPNs has been identified as one of the leading causes of hacker infiltration in organizations.

10. Data Breaches in the US Cost More Than Any Other Country

If you are in the United States a data breach will cost your company a lot more than anywhere else in the world! According to IBM (News - Alert), the average cyber-attack in the US costs the organization more than $4 million to repair.

This amount is not even considering the extended damage to the organization’s reputation and the impact on customer loyalty.

These Stats Could Be a Life-saver!

Reading these stats should be an eye-opener highlighting the importance of proper cyber security protocols. Investing in SaaS data protection and multi-factor authentication is the least that you should do!

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