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November 02, 2022

Rural Communities, RV Parks, Digital Nomads: How Founder Jaden Garza Started Nomad Internet

Nomad Internet is a company known for its services in rural communities. As the name suggests, the staff helps people outside of major cities secure reliable WiFi (News - Alert), which has become an ever-more pressing necessity to live in society today. Jaden Garza is the feature founder of the company, and his success story is one that will likely be familiar to many entrepreneurs. It’s a tale of hard work and ingenuity, and it’s a testament to people who see a problem and refuse to take it lying down. 

The Trouble with RV Parks 

RV parks provide a refuge for many. They’re a chance to hook up your connections and relax for a while. When you’re out on the road so often, it’s not always easy to come by that kind of peace. However, RV parks are more than just a place to stop. For many, they’re the place they call home.

Jaden Garza noticed in 2017 that whether you were in a park for an hour or a lifetime, most residents had a difficult time getting online. This was partly due to a lack of equipment in rural areas and partly because technology was still limited back then. However, Garza also saw the opportunities that emerging technology could offer people in RV parks.

This wasn’t just a chance for him, it was a chance for the property owners of the RV parks. Even an RV park that only hosted people for a limited time could charge a little more per night if they offered reliable WiFi. Park owners that housed people all-year round had an even bigger incentive to get the internet up and running. With steady residents, they could attract quality residents with more amenities. 

Jaden Garza decided to act, and Johnson City, TX was his first job in 2017. The RV Park he worked with did have internet, but the connection was exceptionally spotty. This was a common theme across many parks in the state of Texas. It wasn’t that they were so far off the grid that no signal could reach them, it was that the park owners weren’t able to harness the resources to improve the service.  Jaden and his wife, Jessica, were able to outfit the park so that residents could use more than one device at one time. 

The Park in Seguin 

The next installation project for the Garzas took place in Seguin, TX, in a park that had around 50 RVs. At that time, the company had only been established for a month. This was a full-time park, meaning the residents would need internet access for all kinds of reasons. Parents, professionals, retirees: all of them would benefit from having enough functionality to book doctor’s appointments, check the latest weather updates, or just watch their favorite streaming shows.

This was when Jaden Garza decided it was time to turn to LTE (News - Alert). He bought a licensed LTE technology kit from BaiCells Technology, along with a base station. He was one of the first to take advantage of this offering, and it paid off for both him and the park in Seguin. He was able to increase the bandwidth by 40 mb/second, which left fewer people on the premises frustrated by their inability to get online. 

Helping Out the Girl Scouts 

In 2018, the Garzas might not have known exactly where their company was headed, but the pair were about to get a major vote of confidence in the form of the Girl Scouts of America. When the organization called them, they were hoping to install internet in an RV park in San Jacinto.

They had already called other companies for quotes, but the prices were staggering. One of the internet providers presented a quote for over six figures, which was certainly off the table for the nonprofit organization. Instead, based on the Garzas growing reputation, they reached out to Nomad. When Garza assessed the situation, they saw that San Jacinto was the perfect place to capitalize on LTE again, and he were able to bring down the costs for the GSA (News - Alert). Considering this was a high-profile job, the company was off and running. 

Switching from Businesses to Consumers 

Over the next few years, the Garzas would continue to work with businesses, relying on a B2B model that provided solid revenue. The staff were in shared office spaces during those years, but the Garzas were always hopeful that they’d have their own space one day. In early 2020, Jaden Garza Nomad Internet decided it might be time to think differently about who his customers were. He decided that the routers he had developed, ones that could be boosted with the help of additional antennas, were perfect for individual households in rural areas. 

During the pandemic, this would prove to be exactly what people on the outskirts were looking for. Plus, it appealed to people who were in the cities but wanted a little more space to roam instead of being cooped up in their homes. Those moving to the country permanently could opt for a larger router from Nomad, one that provided a superior signal. For digital nomads, like those who might flit from Airbnb to Airbnb, they could opt for a smaller, more travel-friendly router, as they worked their way from place to place. Considering the rise of remote employees during this time, Nomad provided a pivotal service. 

The Unique Philosophy of Nomad Internet 

Nomad Internet is built on a culture that encourages employees to explore what’s around them. The Garzas want people to feel inspired, which is why they took the time to design an office space that would mean something to them and their staff. In 2020, they were able to get private offices, but by 2021, they really found a place to settle down — in the form of a stand-alone building on 10 acres of land. Today, the staff can wander around, much like their customers do on a regular basis. It’s led to an environment where people are constantly trying to improve. This never-ending quest is both both to further their career and enhance the lives of their customers. 

Nomad Internet has also been careful about extending the best possible incentives to their customers. Jaden Garza doesn’t require a credit check from his customers, and he offers them a no-risk trial for a full week after installation for up to unlimited internet on all devices. The referral program offers people a month of free service per person (up to 5 people). If a customer can get more than 5 people signed up for Nomad Internet, they can get free internet access for life. It’s no wonder the company was able to grow to 20,000 customers in such a short span of time. 

CNET on Nomad’s Website 

Jaden Garza has always had respect for CNET, largely because the review platform doesn’t mince words. If a service or a product is unreliable or too expensive, it’s the reviewers’ job to let people know. So, when the company recommended readers to try Nomad Internet because of its value, it was a major boon for the staff. Nomad Internet is proud to display the logo, precisely because it’s a symbol of the company’s honesty and integrity. 

About Jaden Garza 

The feature founder of Nomad Internet, Jaden Garza, built his company thanks to an innate understanding of both rural communities and technology. Where other entrepreneurs might have ignored these areas or dismissed their potential, he saw there was a market for affordable internet services in RV parks and rural households in Texas. His ingenuity made it possible to deliver these services without drastically raising the prices, ensuring that both his company and his employees could thrive before, during, and after a global pandemic. 


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