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October 19, 2022

Technologies Impacting The Film Industry

People have been creating movies for more than a century. If someone were to compare a modern film with one made in the 1920s they would find a striking number of differences. This is due to the fact that technology has advanced in a plethora of ways. The industry is constantly on the lookout for methods to enhance the filmmaking process. There are currently several important newer forms of technology which are having a significant impact on the movie making process. These developments are particularly relevant to cinematography, set design and editing.

Improvements To Rendering

When celluloid was used to shoot scenes the editing would be done by physically splicing pieces of film together. Modern movies tend to be shot digitally. Consequently, the post production requires the use of a computer program. CGI (News - Alert) is also very common. When virtual elements are combined with physical ones the resulting film can take many hours to render. It is a tedious and time consuming process. Several studios have started to experiment with the concept of real-time rendering. It would mean that the final product could be viewed immediately. This innovation may also allow movie makers to spend more time experimenting with creative visuals.

3D Printing

The role of a prop master is to find the right kind of object for a scene. The level of difficulty will depend on when and where the story is set. Sometimes they need to find antiques. If the film is part of the sci-fi genre then props might have to be created in-house. The process for doing so has been made much easier thanks to the invention of 3D printing. The geometric dimensions for the object can be inputted onto a program. This is then turned into a physical copy. It cuts down on hours of labor. Furthermore, the prop can be created in the most accurate manner possible.

Mobile Devices And Drones

For decades film cameras were large and cumbersome. Today it is possible to shoot a high definition movie with an affordable mobile device. As a result more people can become filmmakers. Shooting, editing and distribution may all be done via a cell phone. The fact that you can do mobile gaming through a phone on is mind bending. The emergence of drones has also changed the industry. Directors no longer need to hire out cranes or helicopters for high shots. Instead they can fly a drone with a camera attached to it.

Volume Technology

This recent type of tech is not related to sound design. Instead it involves placing LED walls behind the actors. The backgrounds of shots can then be filled with dynamic looking images. It is a more sophisticated alternative to green screen. Volume technology has become popular because it makes all of the scene elements look more realistic. Productions such as The Batman and The Mandalorian have already utilized it with great success. Even though LED wall displays are in their infancy they could revolutionize the way movies are shot.

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