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October 19, 2022

Strange Examples Of Technology

Human society has managed to advance thanks to new inventions. Occasionally a form of technology will be released that has universal appeal. Good examples of this include the telephone, internet and television. The world can be changed forever if the right innovations are made. However, not every gadget manages to find an audience. Some are considered too strange for the average person. Tech companies can end up investing millions in research and development. This may lead to the creation of fairly odd devices, among casino apps on for example. But also other things like:

The Pavlok

Smart bands are very popular because they help users to monitor their exercises. It is common for this wearable tech to take readings of the person's heart rate and blood pressure. Many people utilize them in order to improve their lifestyle. The Pavlok takes this concept to an extreme level. It is aimed at customers trying to stop bad habits. If they end up giving into certain vices then the band gives them an electric shock. Despite having a bizarre concept the Pavlok has helped people to quit smoking and eating junk food.

The Somnox

In recent years numerous forms of technology have been created with the sole purpose of improving sleep. Insomnia can decrease quality of life and lead to numerous health complications. The Somnox is a pillow which emits calming noises. One of its more strange qualities is the ability to mimic human breathing.

The Quoobo

This is another pillow. Instead of helping people to rest it is designed to imitate pets. A tail is attached to it which can wag back and forth. The developers of the Quoobo claim that the tail is therapeutic. The target audience is people who live in forms of accommodation where real pets are not permitted.

The HushMe

Privacy is another issue which many people are concerned about. When placing a phone call in public there is a chance that eavesdroppers could listen to the conversation. The HushMe attempts to prevent this from happening by covering the mouth of the phone user. It is similar in appearance to a facemask. However, tests of the device have shown that it is ineffective at blocking out sound.

Smart Belts

On the surface an internet connection seems like an unnecessary quality for a belt. On the other hand it can have a number of handy uses. For example, the wearer is able to check if their waist size is increasing over time. The belt will also log the number of hours they spend sitting down each day. Consequently this strange form of technology can be seen as a health aid.

Moving Alarm Clocks

Many people around the world struggle to wake up each morning. Snooze alarms on tableside clocks are often only mildly effective. Some developers have come up with the concept of a moving clock. The owner would need to get up in order to turn the device off. It is a novel method for getting people out of bed on time.

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