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October 19, 2022

The Future Of Car Technology

Since they were invented, motorcars have seen a large number of technological innovations. However, these vehicles are still far from perfect. Automotive companies are currently investing large sums of money in research and development. Their goal is to make cars safer and more efficient. One of the biggest the issues is the consumption of fuel. Older cars run on petrol. However, it has become an unsustainable option. This has been made worse by rising costs in fossil fuels. Consequently, newer technologies have been created which offer alternative solutions.

The Switch To Electric

In the future it is very likely that more cars will utilize electrical batteries. EVs can already be charged via public ports. These vehicles have appeal because they are economical and more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, this option is not the most convenient. More towns would need to invest in charging ports for EVs to rise in popularity. Furthermore, manufacturers have not come up with a solution to overheating. In extreme temperatures the energy range is diminished.

Driverless Cars

One prevailing theory is that to prevent road traffic deaths human error needs to be completely removed. This would involve placing the responsibility for driving in the hands of an artificial intelligence as is used for betting on The most advanced driverless cars can make emergency stops. It is achieved via a combination of machine learning, sensors and complex algorithms. There has been a big push for this type of tech. However, there are still relatively few autonomous vehicles on the road. They are fairly expensive and many people prefer to have control over the wheel.

Augmented Reality

During a car journey the driver will sometimes need to check a map. In the past this would involve pulling over. Many modern cars utilize augmented reality instead. It displays important information about the car's surroundings in real time. For example the AR could tell the driver if a pothole is coming up. The display is usually located on the dashboard. When the car develops a fault a message may instantly pop up. AR can also be used to show the speedometer and fuel levels.

Dashboard Projection

Whilst standard dashboard displays have their place they can also be considered outdated. A lot of modern car owners prefer head-up displays. It projects information onto the windshield. This is a better system because it allows drivers to focus more on the road. Consequently, it is likely that many future vehicles will feature HUDs. Originally it was developed for use in military jets. Now civilians can enjoy dashboard projection as well.

Greater Connectivity

The cars of today are no longer simply analogue in nature. Some of them can connect to outside systems. This is achieved via the internet and Bluetooth. It is possible for the driver to interact with the car through their mobile phone. In the years to come it is possible that new car models will offer even greater connectivity.

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