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September 30, 2022

Main Factors That Influence Augmented Reality App Prices

The technologies available today are amazing. They open up a new world full of convenience and a unique user experience. Innovation is already available here and now. Companies, businesses, and ordinary users have many options for improving their lives using various technologies. 

One of the innovative technologies that used to seem like something out of the ordinary but today is of genuine interest is augmented reality. Various companies are thoroughly researching use cases on how they can use this technology to benefit their business. The advantage of this innovative solution is that it can be used in various fields of activity. 

Thus, more and more companies are starting to show interest in creating their AR apps. Such applications blur the boundaries of what is possible and what is impossible. That is why many businesses decide to invest in their development. However, businesses can't help but wonder how much augmented reality costs.

The development of the application itself is a laborious and lengthy process since developers need to take into account all the requirements of companies. When companies want to create an application based on this technology they also make adjustments, both in the development process and in the cost. None of the applications are the same. Thus, it is impossible to name a specific cost since some factors affect this. 

We will talk about what factors are determining. In each case, the augmented reality app development cost will differ, depending on what functionality the application should offer. 

Determining factors 

Application complexity 

No application is like another. Even if the applications belong to the same category, each of them may offer different functionality. The same applies if you want to design a product based on augmented reality. 

For example, if you want to develop a mobile game that will offer users a virtual world with fictional characters, then such an application will not be very expensive. This is because developers can design characters whatever they want. There are no rules as to how such characters should look. Everything depends only on your imagination. 

However, if we are talking about an application that will offer customers to try on clothes or shoes, then here the complexity of the application, as well as its digital elements, increases significantly. Thus, we can say that the cost of augmented reality will be higher. The application will bring elements of the virtual into real life. That is why everything will depend on the fact that the developers will have to work hard to agree on the requirements regarding the scale, as well as the prospects. 

If you want to develop an app that will serve as an anatomy learning tool for medical college and university students, then it's even more challenging. For example, your requirements will be the ability to point the smartphone at different parts of the body so that you can see what is under the skin. This is an even higher level of difficulty that will significantly influence AR app development costs. 

Visualization method 

A lot depends on which rendering method you want to choose. For example, if users only need to use their phone's camera to use your application, then this greatly simplifies the complexity of visualization. You can invite customers to try on clothes or shoes, see how furniture will fit into their home interior, or how cosmetics will look on their faces. 

For such actions, you only need a smartphone camera to use all the functions of the application. However, you may need to use additional sources of frames as well as images for the application to function. This visualization method will be much more difficult,f and accordingly, its cost will be higher. 

You might want to create an application that prompts users to browse nearby establishments. It can be cafes, restaurants, various shops, and much more. The essence of the application is that users located in a certain location will be able to view nearby clothing stores, for instance. They will be able to hold the phone and see the marked stores. By clicking on the icon, they can also view additional information about the clothing store, find out contact details, or view opening hours. 

Such a product can work well during the day when it is light outside. However, if users want to use it in the evening when it's dark outside, then you may want to provide daytime shots for users' convenience. Thus, you will need to use frames from additional sources. Because of this, the cost of the application will increase. 

Performance across devices 

Users will use your application on their smartphones. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that all users have different devices. It all depends on what kind of performance you want to achieve. You must achieve perfect integration of both software and hardware. 

Various businesses will want their application to be available to users using the two most common operating systems. We are talking about both iOS and Android (News - Alert). 

You have to consider several options in such a situation. It is possible to develop two applications, taking into account the parameters of both operating systems. Also, you may want to make one application that is hybrid. By choosing the first option, you will spend much more time developing two applications, and it will also be quite expensive. In this situation, the second option will be the most profitable solution, although the cost of its development may also be high. 

The challenge will be to ensure that users can use the application regardless of what device they own. This is a complex process which implies that the developer will need to do a lot of testing before they achieve a good result. 


Each application is unique in its own way. This leads to the fact that the cost of their development can vary greatly. When wanting to develop an augmented reality application, companies may have different requirements. Thus, it is also difficult to say what the cost of the application will be in each case. Various factors influence the cost. Basically, a lot of this is influenced by how complex it will be, what kind of rendering you choose, and also the performance you want to achieve. To find out the exact cost, depending on your needs, you need to consult with companies specializing in the development of AR applications.

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