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September 22, 2022

Discovery phase - why do you need it?

Every project manager knows that carrying out a project without any problems during the course is impossible. In other words, each member of the team involved in carrying out the work on a project can and even must encounter difficulties or unforeseen events. This is perfectly normal and should not cause concern. At the same time, however, it is worth noting that many mistakes or problems can be avoided by proper preparation. This is what the project discovery phase is so well suited for. Unfortunately, there are still many people who do not realize how important a discovery phase is to any project. However, skipping it can prove to be extremely unpleasant in its consequences. What exactly is worth knowing about this topic?

  1. What is discovery phase?
  2. Why do you need the project discovery phase?
  3. What could happen if you skip the part of the discovery phase?

But what really is discovery phase of a project and why shouldn't you skip this part of the project? Let's find out.

What is discovery phase?

Discovery phase is a necessary and extremely important part of any project. In a nutshell, it is the "brainstorming" that is done before any action is taken, related to the execution of the project. Performing a discovery phase before the development process is particularly important because it allows you to determine all the important issues. During it, the people involved in the project jointly discuss such issues as, for example, software requirements specification and other technical requirements, the goals to be achieved through the execution of the project, problems that individual employees may encounter and many other things. Discovery phase is used readily by brands, offering app development. At you can find not only additional information, but also professional help from specialists in app development, that make the best use of the opportunities offered by discovery phase.

You already know what a discovery phase is. Now let's consider whether it is really as important as it is said to be.

Why do you need the project discovery phase?

The discovery phase is considered the most crucial part of preparing any project. It is what makes the subsequent work much simpler. This is for several reasons. First of all, the most important of the advantages of a discovery phase is the ability to organize all the information together with the most important people for the project. This allows you to establish priority lists, set a common vision, goals, divide tasks among employees and much more. This reduces the chaos that always occurs at the very beginning of the work. What's more, the discovery phase gives you a chance to avoid mistakes and problems at a later stage of the work. A research done beforehand is an excellent investment in later work. It is also worth noting that at companies such as, the use of a discovery phase is an obvious stage of the work, which allows for much better results.

What could happen if you skip the part of the discovery phase?

The key benefits of discovery phase are already known. However, can ignoring this element have negative consequences? It turns out that yes. Not having a discovery phase is a real chance of creating a redundant product due to ignoring the execution of a business and market research, increasing the risk of errors or surprising and unexpected situations. What's more, you can also expect unforeseen costs or excessive project execution time. It is worth remembering that a successful discovery phase is a successful project, so it is definitely worth carrying it out in your company.

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