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September 13, 2022

The Evolution of Business's Relationship with VPN

The term VPN may seem very familiar to the eye or you might have heard it at some point during a conversation online. But, VPNs and the means associated with the term itself have not been in our lives for that long. As a matter of fact, VPN was first debuted in 1996 by an employee of Microsoft (News - Alert) and since then VPNs have gained prominence.

Despite the fact that VPNs are utilized by people all over the globe, this doesn’t exactly mean that VPN usage and implementation hasn’t been looked towards with hesitance or resistance and this is visible with areas regarding privacy concerns to pricing issues and more. The reluctance towards VPNs is not only a field that users have displayed, this unwillingness has also been set forth by businesses. However, instead of businesses being reluctant towards VPNs, the reality in fact eliminates the oppositions asserted by others by bringing great benefits and by helping businesses transform.

What are VPNs exactly used for?

VPNs are first of all known as virtual private networks as well and concentrate on generating a private network across public networks by encrypting and ultimately hiding a user’s IP address with strong privacy and anonymity. Also, VPNs protection of IP addresses of users in hand creates the huge advantage of protecting user data and systems from malicious activity, such as from hackers and spammers and ensuring overall privacy from others.

But, VPNs are available all over digital outlets online and around the world which creates a problem of: security. The issues of security brought to rise by various VPNs leads to the problem that VPNs were in fact created to protect. Therefore while searching for a VPN online you must be sure that the VPN you select will guarantee the safety you need and should be provided in the first place. With Urban-VPN your problems will vanish, because this VPN is indeed private and secure by protecting your data, identity, and internet connection with great encryption. In addition, Urban-VPN ensures that your data and IP address is safe with encryption and implements DNS/IPv6 leak protection too.

How VPNs can enhance corporate environments of businesses

In spite of contrary beliefs, VPNs are administered widely in corporate environments and this is ever so apparent with the businesses that do. In fact, according to Statista, VPN usage, especially in the United States of America, has escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing 124% just in the two weeks from March 8 to March 22, 2020.

So, why should businesses enhance their relationship with VPN? There are multiple fundamental benefits and reasons for why businesses should implement VPNs and let’s explore them. First of all, one clear reason and advantage that VPNs generate for businesses is associated with VPNs being accessible anywhere and at any time. What this means for businesses and their structures is that whether their employee is traveling, working in the office, working remotely, etc they can employ VPN simply whenever they desire or want and this ultimately boosts employee performance and creates a better means for businesses, such as sharing data and interacting with other devices. Another essential advantage that VPNs bring with their application is visible with improved safety and security of its particular implementation with businesses. What this means is that businesses that administer VPNs have increased safety and security appliance to their systems and data, because VPNs secure any kind of businesses IP addresses and public network and encrypts it and with this is in mind businesses can freely and securely access any data or communication that they need for their business with VPNs.

Another great element that VPNs have created for businesses centers on eliminating the problems related to business’s geographical location. For instance, some businesses that are based in a particular geographical location can face price discrimination for a product or service they are seeking. But, with VPNs your business can flourish and get the best out of offers, products, and services all over the world, because VPNs diminish the barrier of geographical locations. Also, with VPNs you can select where you are as a business which means that you can see which country benefits from which offer and your business can take advantage of other locations offers and discounts. Businesses need protection and in the digital age it would be an understatement to defend that businesses only utilize a particular system or device for their work and services. Therefore, it is important to protect the multiple devices that businesses use with VPNs and this is made into a great experience with VPNs by securing the businesses devices from laptops to smartphones to tablets, etc into a protected and encrypted usage.

Data is also a crucial element of businesses and certainly needs to be protected and guarded from basically any attack and from being stolen. VPNs present a vital solution of encrypting any business data in forms such as online data, written data, and voice data. For example, if your business is sending data to a customer over the internet regarding a banking statement this data can be duplicated or hacked. But, if the business in hand uses a VPN your banking statement data that your business is sending through to the customer will be encrypted and safe from any malicious activity.


Although the very essence of VPN dates back to 1996, VPNs have evolved vastly and gained a strong reputation not only with users all over the world, but also with different businesses and their structures. VPNs relationship with businesses haven’t always been smooth, but with the fundamental benefits and elements that VPNs have put forth for businesses to grow and enhance their structure and strategies to the next level has strengthened the utilization of VPNs by the area of businesses more effectively. Needless to say, VPNs are a must in this day and time of digitization and as demonstrated they enhance and boost businesses from data protection to encryption to eliminating price discrimination VPNs create the basis for efficiency and functionality.

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