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August 12, 2022

How Can Modern Smartphones Be Improved: Five Ideas

It is hard to believe that a modern smartphone is more powerful than all NASA computers of the 70s of the last century. But this is the truth. The parameters of computers of that period had been too limited. Modern smartphones have already replaced computers in many cases. Young people quickly and easily master everything offered by new gadgets and simplify their lives as much as possible with their help.

However, we are also witnessing constant progress: processors are developing, batteries are becoming more capacious, and technologies are being replaced by others that are even more convenient to use. Today, we invite you to fantasize about what else can be improved in modern smartphones and how to make them just perfect for playing or doing your job remotely. Here are our 6 suggestions:


Still, smartphones are not as powerful as computers, but it is only a matter of time. In the future, their features will be equal. At the moment, the architecture of the smartphone processor is somewhat weaker. Often, applications require some time in the use of the device while they are being downloaded: you can rarely continue playing your favorite games online or watching Netflix. But the developers continue to improve mobile gadgets so that in the future, owners do not have similar inconveniences.

2) Improving the battery capacity

Nowadays, compact batteries have better capacity than before – they can actively work 5000 mAh. The batteries can withstand the latest fast charging systems without any harm to their productivity. However, there is still enough place for achieving better characteristics if the battery could not be discharged, for example, for a week. Another weakness of modern batteries is the temperature regime. A high temperature harms the battery, as well as a low one: for example, iPhones can turn off due to frost because the battery freezes. Thus, owners are not advised to use the device outdoors at sub-zero temperatures.

3)Unlocking the smartphone

In recent years, the number of methods of accessing a smartphone has greatly increased. It can be blocked using a PIN code, password, graphic symbols, fingerprint, and facial recognition of the device owner. However, not all of them are perfect. The sensitivity of the internal mechanisms of smartphones is still not great, so the process of unlocking using face or finger identification methods takes time. The fast pace of life requires a fast response device.

4)Inconvenient identification

Registration and entering personal data in each application takes a lot of time, which is very annoying. For example, registration in an online casino can take up to 15 minutes, while this time can be spent playing blackjack or poker. However, this problem can also be solved by the manufacturers. If the database about the person is stored in a certain memory cell of the smartphone, it could provide access to all applications in just a few seconds. Technically, it is not difficult to solve the problem, but it should be accompanied by certain security standards for applications.


Unfortunately, this is still a problem for the most famous manufacturers of operating systems. The incompatibility of programs or applications in the smartphone and computer still occurs. An incompatibility exists in both directions – from PC to smartphone and vice versa. To avoid this, you can use an emulator or the capabilities of the new Windows 11, but not everyone has it. Apple (News - Alert) has recently addressed compatibility issues of programs on its gadgets by designing the M1 chip. Apple fans should expect some changes for their convenience soon. Microsoft (News - Alert) used to do something similar but later stopped supporting the mobile version of Windows.


Indeed, modern smartphone users face new and new challenges in using their gadgets. However, manufacturers try to address these increasing demands and release new devices. Keeping in mind the harsh competition between the major brands, we can expect the emergence of new flagmen with improved functionality. In what way can your device be improved? What features do you expect to appear shortly for better UX? Feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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