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June 16, 2022

More Than Tech: Other Industries To Approach as a Start-Up Company

Technology companies have become famous for their start-up business model. The start-up is essentially the practice of keeping the overhead low to increase the possibility that you will either gain success, be bought out by a large company, or receive investment from a venture capitalist. It could include a skeleton crew, a makeshift office, or limited equipment. This is the basis for many tech business models, but it doesn’t have to only be these companies. Below are some industries that can be approached as a start-up.


One of the most overlooked industries that could function as a start-up is the restaurant business. You don’t have to open a full restaurant to get started. You can start a street cart, food truck, or a pop-up. If you have a location, you could also open a ghost kitchen. You are probably asking, what is a ghost kitchen?

A ghost kitchen is a place that has a back of the house, a kitchen to make food, but no front of the house. This is designed for deliveries only. This means that the business doesn’t have to have the overhead of a dining room and the staff takes to fill it. Instead, the business can do delivery through one of the apps, pick up, or with your own delivery service.

Biological Medicine

When you think of the medical business, you probably think of hospitals, doctors, nurses, administration, and plenty of other employees, equipment, and infrastructure. However, if you are involved in biological research for medicine, your company could be small. You could discover or create something very important with only a few employees. You could treat your medical business like a start-up. Are you trying to find out something or invent a product? You might not need a full team. With a skeleton crew and low overhead, you could make more money on your discovery.

A Coffee Business

Whether you are growing, sourcing, roasting, or brewing coffee, a coffee business could consist of few employees and a small location. Coffee businesses don’t all have to be as large as Starbucks. Instead, you can specialize until you get more capital. Or, like a food business you can start a coffee pop-up. You can have a mobile coffee service serve coffee at events. There is also the possibility of a coffee truck or cart that you set up at site with a permit. Coffee is a dynamic business. Whatever you are doing in coffee, you don’t have to have the money for a full shop, farm, or roastery to get started.

Real Estate

Real estate is a great business to get going as a start-up. This is because you can essentially run your own real estate business on your own. If you have the know-how and money to buy, fix up, and sell property, a real estate start-up is a great idea. With little to no employees and no office, you can make money in real estate. If you are looking for your big break in the industry, organizing your business as a start-up can give you the room you need to get your company off the ground.


A marketing start-up is a great option if you understand marketing. You can get a business started with few employees if you know what you are doing. Like real estate, marketing is a dynamic field. While a large marketing company will require a lot of employees and a proper office, you can start marketing small businesses as a start-up. You don’t have to open a big business right away.

Tech isn’t the only field where start-ups can be helpful, but it is by far the most common. Whatever the business you’re in, you can get started with a limited crew and a frugal location before you make money. If your goal is to be successful with your initial investments, you can grow quickly and effectively.

When you are starting a business, you don’t have to open a full-scale brick-and-mortar establishment. Whether you’re opening a restaurant, a coffee business, a marketing company, a medical research company, or something else, a start-up can be businesses other than tech. Get started today!

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