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May 18, 2022

Monitoring And Management Software For IT Optimization

According to the forecast made by IDC (News - Alert) in 2022, it is estimated that IT spending worldwide will grow 19% until 2023 while the evolution of digital data growth during the same period will do so at a three-digit rate, 110%. Therefore, the great challenge for business leaders in all sectors will be to be able to absorb that difference of almost 6X while improving the efficiency of operations.

The automation and monitoring of the IT infrastructure will be key to optimizing the IT infrastructure and accelerating digital transformation in dynamic environments that need to adapt quickly. Its implementation allows to reduce costs, minimize idle times and maximize the productivity of the IT infrastructures of the different organizations, also offering easy scalability. One way to prevent unauthorized changes is to designate someone as the network administrator. However, it's not enough to have just one person managing everything including alerting and digest reports., and that's where User account monitoring comes in.

In times of the cloud, where immediacy prevails, this is the message that is repeated over and over again: how to do more with less, how to get IT professionals in our companies to spend more time generating value for the company and less on repetitive tasks that could be performed automatically. IT automation solves this dilemma by replacing or reducing human interaction with IT systems through the use of software systems that create repeatable instructions and processes so that they can be applied automatically. Enabling teams to be more productive, reduce errors, improve collaboration, and free up time for other higher-priority tasks that can drive greater value for the business.

While the monitoring of IT systems and infrastructure allows establishing the degree of health and the capacity of said system. By regularly verifying that the system is reliable and stable, and capable of providing the services for which it has been designed. The constant measurement of the performance of the system allows to prevent problems, learn from mistakes and, consequently, reduce costs by improving decision-making, planning new investments.

Today, having the ability to quickly preserve, access, search and analyze stored data to generate value has become a strategic priority for all companies. The unstoppable growth of data to be stored generated by the digitization of content, the increase in regulations regarding long-term data conservation, the use of new high-resolution applications (3D images, virtual reality and 4K/8K format) Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics, deep learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), the deployment of the 5G communications network, or the organic growth of companies, have caused an increase in the demand for object storage due to the great scalability offered by this type of solution, presenting new challenges for manufacturers of data storage solutions. The objective is to be able to solve the challenges related to data security and cost optimization, offering the lowest cost of archiving, maximum performance and the optimal characteristics of access to unstructured data on a large scale.

Monitoring Platform is used to monitor the performance of endpoints and other IT assets remotely. From a single device, you can monitor systems, access devices remotely, review actions taken, deploy patches, and more. A remote monitoring tool gives managed service providers (MSPs) the visibility needed to manage an external network effectively. There are more than 50 RMM tools on the market, including free, paid, and open source.

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