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May 13, 2022

Instacart Advertising Tips for Growing Your Online Grocery

The Instacart advertising platform enables brands to reach customers who are ready to purchase from their online grocery store. It provides self-serve ads, featured products self-serve as and Instacart managed ads. Instacart advertising allows businesses to reach their consumers through the sponsored products alternative or other additional full-service display options.

To start with Instacart advertising, identify the products you want to drive traffic to, determine your budget, create an Instacart ad campaign, and establish your keywords and pacing. Discussed below are five Instacart advertising tips for growing your online grocery.

1.Run featured products ads

Featured product ads allow all brands, regardless of their size, to pay to advertise their products to customers by showing them in high visibility areas. They usually boost the product placement where they might appear organically and increase the times a product appears. Running featured product ads ensures your brand is seen by many customers and helps you secure prime digital shelf space and growing sales.

It also lets customers see you first before your competitors as they search for specific products or browse aisles. Featured product ads can help increase brand awareness when advertising on Instacart by letting you be in the customer’s line of sight.

2.Enable optimized bidding

Optimized bidding is a feature that automatically sets your ad bids and adjusts them dynamically throughout the day to generate the highest possible expected sales revenue your budget can afford. To get the most out of optimized bidding, ensure your ad bidding campaign has sufficient daily budgets and start with a conservative minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) goal. Don't frequently pause your campaigns to maximize campaign auction participation. Allow enough time for your algorithm to adjust, and consider working with your Instacart representative if you need any help with optimized bidding.

3.Target (News - Alert) the right keywords

Keywording targeting is vital for your campaign's success. Consider using category keywords beneficial for Instacart retailers, branded keywords that leverage customer loyalty, and competitor keywords. Note that Instacart only favors keywords that are an exact match, automatically harvests keywords, and doesn't support negative keyword matching.

4.Track your performance

Tracking your ad performance allows you to identify what you are doing right and what isn’t working to ensure the effective use of resources. It helps you determine if your advertising efforts are paying off. Know the right metrics to track and do it frequently because ad performance changes quickly on Instacart.

Return on ad spend is vital when measuring your campaign's overall financial performance. Track attribution to know how much your ad has generated for particular products, impressions to determine the number of times your ad popped up, and average CTR to know how often consumers clicked on your ads. Don't forget to track organic sales, total sales, basket penetration, and reporting tiers.

5.Optimize your content

Tracking your content concerns to identify and resolve any issues can significantly improve sales. Handling non-compliant content is an excellent way to differentiate your products from other search results. This gives you control over what consumers can see when searching for a product you’re selling on the app.


Instacart advertising offers an excellent platform for your business to succeed. Use these Instacart advertising tips to grow your online grocery.      

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