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May 03, 2022

5 Tips to Move Your IT Office Equipment Safely

Moving offices can be stressful and sometimes prove to be expensive when you cannot handle the safe transfer of office equipment. Whether you plan to use professional movers or do it on your own, the safety of your office assets is of prime importance. If it's the first time you are moving your office, you must plan to avoid any hassles.

Your existing office equipment plays an important role in keeping your business smoothly functioning, and hence you need to ensure that they reach your new premises in intact condition.

The pandemic has changed the business environment, and for a few, this might be one of the prime reasons to change offices. Digital communication has become more critical during this phase. Companies are now preferring compact workplaces with a limited workforce. But you still need the important office equipment for that, right?

Besides being tedious, moving offices is also expensive. And when you are not cautious, your office equipment might damage the process. To help you avoid such unfortunate scenarios, we have put together five tips to help you with the safe shifting of your office equipment to new premises.

Tips to Help You with Safe Move of Office Equipment

Even if you have done this before, it would be wise to peruse the safety measures mentioned below to be well-prepared for the move.

Tip #1: Make use of the available workforce or call for professional assistance

Since you have planned to move the entire office, you will need all the help. Seek help from a professional packing service if needed. Alternatively, you can check with your existing staff if they are willing to help.

During the relocation, you will need help with segregating, packing, loading, unloading, and rearranging the office equipment. It would be best to pre-arrange the needed workforce.

Tip #2: Take measurements of your office equipment (especially the bigger ones)

Whether moving to a larger office or a compact one, it is important to pre-decide the space you will need. Start by checking the measurements of the large office equipment such as your desks, computers, printers, etc. Make sure that you have enough space in the new premises for them.

It would be heartbreaking to carry your office equipment to the new place only to find out you don't have the proper space to keep them anywhere. You can use a measuring tape to keep records of the measurements and plan their space in the new office. It would save you the trouble of making arrangements for them at a later stage.

Tip #3: Fragile equipment must be packed carefully in individual boxes

Office items such as monitors, glassware, or other delicate equipment must be carefully packed. If you still have those, it would be wise to pack them in their original boxes. However, if you don't have the original packing box, you can bubble wrap the fragile equipment first and then put them in individual boxes.

You don't want your delicate office equipment to reach the new office in a broken and non-useful state? Therefore, it is important to take care of the fragile equipment packing to reach intact in the new office.

Tip #4: Bubble Wrap

There are huge benefits of using bubble wrap when packing equipment. The fragile and breakable items stay safe when bubble-wrapped. It would keep the corners of office equipment from getting scratched. Moreover, during transit, boxes tend to move a lot, increasing the chances of breakage. However, when you use bubble wrap, it can be easily avoided.

Tip #5: Get rid of the clutter

Think of the office move as an opportunity to get rid of all the unnecessary items. There would be things that you had planned to dispose of but forgot or neglected to do so. However, this would be the right time to give away the things that you don't need anymore so that you are prepared before the movers arrive

You can even sell them off to some other office who might be able to use them and make some money from them. Segregate the things you need from those you do not want in your new office. It will help you save the unnecessary hassle of carrying along with unrequired stuff and save the cost of transferring such things.

Final Words

The safety of your office equipment must be of prime concern when moving offices. Plan and make the best use of the tips offered above.

Enter your new office hassle-free and happily!

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