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May 03, 2022

5 Great TikTok Marketing Tips

Want to grow your business on TikTok – here are some awesome marketing tips to make the most of this growing social media site.

1. Use Hashtags

You can use hashtags to increase the chances of your content landing on the For You Page (FYP) on TikTok. TikTok clumps and displays the trending hashtags on the discover page. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the right hashtags. Especially if you want to use TikTok to market your business.

Do not just randomly pick one of the trending hashtags for your TikTok video. If you want to gain more views and build your brand on TikTok, you must use relevant hashtags. It is essential to take your time to choose the best hashtags for your TikTok videos.

How do you pick relevant hashtags? You study other videos using the same hashtags and take note of trends. Once you study relevant videos, you can now focus on creating better videos to promote your brand.

2. Study Your Audience (News - Alert)

Unlike other social networking sites, TikTok has a young audience. Around 60% of TikTok users are between 16 to 24 years. It is essential to understand the challenges of the young audience.

Remember, the members of gen Z will reach 74 million in the USA by 2022. It is going to be the largest generation. You, therefore, need to focus on gearing your internet marketing efforts towards this group.

A of people consider gen Z as children. This is, however, not accurate. People, who were born between 1997 and 2012, belong to gen Z. The old gen Z members are in their early twenties. It is, therefore, an ideal audience for various industries.

A lot of people consider gen Z’ers as trendsetters. They were raised with the internet, so they understand it better than any other group. If you want to market toward gen Z, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

Keep It Casual

It is easy for gen Z’ers to get everything. It is, therefore, hard to sell to them on some topics since they can do their own research. They can use the internet to research these topics.

It is crucial to keep things casual if you want to appeal to the gen Z’ers. Do not focus too much on selling your brand. It is better to make your brand cool to gen Z. It is even better to use authentic, cool, and effortless marketing tactics. If your marketing campaigns resonate with the young generation, they are more likely to like your brand. Buy TikTok followers to get your message in front of a larger audience.

Keep It Quick

People love TikTok since it is quick and the videos are to the point. Do not create long and in-depth ads and share them on TikTok. It is best to create short and simple TikTok videos. If your videos are long, your viewers are more likely to scroll to the next video.

Stay on Top of Trends

Do not include pop culture references, memes, and other outdated trends in your TikTok videos. Why? They cannot help you attract gen Z viewers. You can hire a team to help you do some research and keep you up to date. If you can stay on top of trends, you are more likely to attract gen Z viewers.

Keep It Sustainable

Unlike the older generations, a lot of gen Z’ers are eco-conscious. If you want to reach a young audience, it is better to reduce your carbon footprint. How? You can focus on making more eco-friendly products.

3. Use Influencers

Influencers are very popular on the top social media platforms, including TikTok. There are popular influencers on TikTok, such as Khabane Lame, Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and more. They have over 100 million followers on TikTok. If you want to increase your reach, you will want to use influencers. If an influencer shares your content, their followers will see your content. You can use influencers to quickly build your following.

It is tricky to use TikTok to reach a young audience. This is because the young audience scrolls through ads daily. Do not just focus on creating marketing campaigns. The young audience is more likely to ignore your ads. It is better to build a good relationship with influencers. You can send influencers PR packages to help you build great relationships with them.

The influencer can try your new products before promoting them to their TikTok followers. You can negotiate with influencers before you send them your PR packages. Once you reach an agreement with an influencer, the influencer can record unboxing videos to promote your products.

Pick the Right Influencer

It is best to take your time before you select an influencer. Researching multiple influencers can help you pick the best influencer for your brand. You can use your influencer to reach the right demographic on TikTok. You, therefore, need to check the followers of the influencer before picking them. 

Beauty and Health Brands

Young female influencers and makeup gurus are the ideal influencers for beauty and health and wellness brands. Your PR packages can consist of hair extensions, skincare products, health supplements or makeup. These influencers can feature your products in their tutorial videos.

Meal Kits

Family channels and millennial influencers are the ideal influencers for meal kit brands, such as Freshly or Daily Harvest. They can help them reach the old people who stay alone.

Fitness Brands

Athletic influencers are the ideal influencers of fitness brands, such as Gymshark. These influencers can wear clothes for the sponsored videos. They can even wear clothes while creating workout tutorials. If they wear your clothes, their followers will see your clothes.


Amazon partners with the vlog squad of David Dobrik to help them increase their reach on TikTok. In fact, their sponsored kits were created by Jason Nash. Jason Nash is a very popular influencer with followers of millennial and gen Z demographics.

These are some of the examples of how companies use influence marketing to reach their target audience on TikTok. If you want to boost your reach on TikTok, do not hesitate to use influencer marketing.

4. Use Effects

There is a library of various visual effects on TikTok. They do not relate to marketing. You can, however, use these tools to help you gain more views on TikTok.

For instance, if you click an effect on a TikTok, you will get more videos using the same effect. If you are, therefore, using these effects, more people will see your videos. If people click the effects that you are using, they are more likely to land on one of your videos. People click these effects, so use them to get more views.

If you can get your video on the discover page, you can get more views. In addition, some of the effects are eye-catching, so they make your videos more appealing. It is, therefore, beneficial to use these effects on your videos.

5. Use Humor

It is beneficial to use humor in your marketing campaigns. If you are creating a sponsored video and your narrative is fun and interesting, people are more likely to watch the whole video. If you can make your viewers laugh, they will follow your brand.

You can incorporate relatable humor into your marketing videos to get more views on TikTok. It is better to create short skits and use them to promote your brand. The short skits can help you sell your brand and provide an enjoyable experience for your viewers.

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