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May 02, 2022

Ways to Gain Competitive Edge With Residential Proxies in 2022

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy works precisely like a regular proxy. It will accept a user's request, forward it to the destination computer, and then provide any responses to the user. The main distinction is that a residential proxy server's IP address is obtained from a conventional Internet Service Provider (ISP).

You might wonder why the IP address from a data center or an ISP makes significant differences. These days, many music and video streaming services use their visitors' IP addresses to geolocate them. This indicates that they are familiar with your origins. Streaming service providers can now restrict their services to specific geographical areas. They can also change the price depending on where you are. With an ISP-provided IP address, streaming providers will have difficulty distinguishing between a legitimate user and a proxy server. It's common for a home proxy server to be both a regular user and a proxy server.

8 Applications of Residential Proxies

1. Customer feedback tracking

Customer reviews influence your web-based reputation and positioning in Google (News - Alert) search results, so keep track of them, respond to them regularly, and analyze them. Because search engine algorithms take into account customer reviews, this is the case. A large number of customer reviews enhances a business's visibility and credibility.

Blocking websites from which you obtain data about consumer reviews, on the other hand, could be a potential issue. Residential proxies scan and collect massive volumes of data in real-time without the need for geo-blocking software.

It assigns a new actual IP address issued by the ISP to the system. To monitor a review, real-time data collection is necessary. Using real-time data, businesses can reply to reviews rapidly. Without IP limitations, residential proxies record large volumes of public data from throughout the world 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Keep an eye on market prices.

You must constantly watch and evaluate market price changes to keep your clientele entertained with your items or services. You don't want to scare away potential clients by overpricing your products. You also don't want to underprice your products and lose money or have customers question the quality of your products.

You can control the innovative online technologies via residential proxies. As a result, you will receive market price updates regularly. Businesses that frequently examine their competitors' websites for pricing information must employ many rotating residential proxies. It protects them from being branded as data scavengers or rivals.

3. Increase Security

Every year, the risks of cybercrime grow. We expect the numbers to climb as more people move to online businesses. If your firm prioritizes secrecy, residential proxies can keep your activity private.

Proxies are helpful for those who want to remain anonymous while conducting internet research. Business marketing needs the same level of confidentiality as competition tracking. Competitors' actions can be observed by online marketers. They can also seek advice on how to strengthen their marketing strategies.

4. Trying out new software and seeing how it performs.

Assume you've developed a new website or app intended for a global audience. You'll try to figure out how different nations' IPs react to your product. A residential proxy comes in handy in this situation.

From numerous global locations, you may analyze the speed, constraints, and performance of your new platform. If you notice a large volume or load coming from a particular region, you can try to resolve the problem before it goes live in the real world.

5. Web Scraping

Web scraping is a technique businesses use to get valuable data about their competitors. However, instead of manually scraping data, companies must utilize bots to do so automatically.

Bots can be effortlessly perceived and restricted since they can make many solicitations each moment to the destination site. Most organization site owners don't need their data imparted to anybody, particularly their rivals; accordingly, they carry out anti-scraping techniques to safeguard their information.

Residential proxies are helpful in this situation. They imitate real users with their legitimate IP addresses, allowing organizations to scrape vast amounts of data without being discovered or blocked.

6. Ad verification

Businesses can use ad verification to guarantee that their advertising appears on the correct sites, in the appropriate places, and in front of the right people. In this manner, you can prevent squandering your ad budget and damaging your brand if your advertising appears on sites that contain unlawful content.

On the other hand, Ad fraudsters are aware of ad verification and can use it to block your IP address and keep you from getting to their websites. That's why you'll need residential proxies to provide you with IP addresses from real people. You can visit their sites anonymously and obtain the information you require about your advertisements in this manner. Ad localization can also be aided by proxies.

7. Monitoring of social media

Brands should be present on several social media platforms to increase exposure and attract a larger audience.

It's possible that you'll need to manage many accounts from a single social media platform. Handling all of the accounts from a single device can be difficult. Residential proxies, on the other hand, provide you with various IPs and allow you to move between them as needed, allowing you to handle multiple platforms and accounts without difficulty.

8. SEO monitoring

Companies must know where they rank and whether their content is seen in the right places and languages. This can make the distinction between a successful and a failing firm. When it comes to using the internet to access cities, countries, and other places, there are limitations.

Using a residential IP masks your true identity and makes you appear to be a regular user. Make the effort to obtain this proxy today and realize how easy SEO monitoring can be. When researching your competition, using a standard IP address will get blocked.


Every day, you are confronted with restrictions and bans when attempting to obtain information from various websites. Residential proxies are an excellent method to avoid these inconveniences. These proxies will conceal your location, provide maximum anonymity, and ensure that you have access to accurate information from websites.

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