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January 21, 2022

Can We Say Big Data Analytics is Transforming the Super Bowl Sequence?

The current year attributes the 50th year of the sequence of Super Bowl, and undoubtedly things have changed to a great extent. The times when it was acclaimed the national title were different than what it is today. The gaming mechanics have improved, the players becoming faster and quicker with enhanced gaming tactics along with a giant leap in its commercial standing.

The differences are unique, but the most evident change this year is something captivating, BIG DATA. Big Data is not only playing a massive role in the world of business but also is extending its hands towards sports and games. Also, needless to mention, super bowl betting sites are taking a developing step in the field of technology and commerce. And big data analytics is assisting it in revolutionizing the world of fans and players.

Super Bowl with Data Analytics

Super Bowl is one of the leading sports events of the world having viewership and fans of approximately 160 million all over the world, the giant event is expected to take place in San Francisco very soon. An event of such magnitude definitely involves a large sum of money and pressure zones amidst coaches and players. Data analytics have become a boon to various teams as an assistance to decision-making.

Previous year the NFL agreed to sign a deal with Zebra, for the installation of RFID data sensors in the players’ helmets, shoulder pads, and across the entire NFL stadiums.

The chips in these sensors help in detecting data and show how quickly they are progressing and also detect the heavy impact faced by a player, which becomes important in assisting to diagnose injuring blows to the head.

The coaches use these stats to check and regulate the plays’ success and also individual progress in each player. The NFL can now easily track players’ records at regular intervals and analyze data around 15 times per second. The data has to be fed and validated first, then they can correlate it with the final outcome so as to maintain accuracy.

Along with sports analytics and players’ performances records, the data can also be brought to usage for predicting sports events. The analysts are now looking at the data and preparing to predict the outcome with simple technological advances.

Predictions in the Sport

Super Bowl is one of the finest games of the age, and the giant fan following across the entire US has definitely stroked their fans to contemplate on their abilities to place bets and make predictions. You can start betting on the fans betting for the event, and still, it would not cease to reduce the zeal. And with technology evolving day after day, people are shifting to computerized algorithms for predicting rational outcomes.

Data analytics are computerized and systematized with technological upgrades, so the chances of it being accurate are very minute. Let’s take a prediction example between two teams.

Kansas City Vs Green Bay

Kansas City is considered the AFC Super Bowl’s favorite because of its reach in the contest taking place in the last two seasons.

Patrick Mahomes claimed the most postseason success of the quarterbacks amidst the AFC field, and he managed to pull out the ultimate signal-caller from the AFC bracket by surpassing Ben Roethlisberger and also the Pittsburgh Steelers in the absolute Wild Card Round.

However, Green Bay is considered a secondary issue against the obvious Tampa Bay in the last season, but it has improved a lot with the additions of Eric Stokes and Rasul Douglas.

A Kansas City Vs Green Bay matchup would definitely add to a historical piece to the NFL masterpiece in Los Angeles on the specific Feb 13.


Big data in the realm of advertising is another manifesting aspect and a game-changer. Super Bowl ads cost millions of dollars and why would they not, they are extremely popular worldwide. A record of $6.5mil is set for 30 seconds this year, isn’t this an advantageous opportunity for the advertisers and also a profitable opportunity for making a big-time investment among certain fan bases?

Online advertisement is the need of the event, and also the growing cause for the game. Technological advancement will make it feasible and accessible for audience engagement with a reduced cost. Social media is another platform that deals with enhancing fan engagement, and advertising is yet another tool using data analytics to broaden these strategies.

Well-organized targeted ads with online advertising bring in a better return on investment than offline ads and television stimulations. Advertising is a great deal when it comes to events like the Super bowl.

Final Verdict

The Super Bowl event is all set for its fans and also for the most-awaited players. Big data analytics are on the progressive verge of making the event get another shape with accurate predictions and changing game mechanics.

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