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January 13, 2022

5 Top Blog Writing Tips To Make Your Posts Highly Shareable and Lucrative

If you’re dreaming about running your own blog, or if you’ve already purchased a domain and started writing up your first posts, you may be hoping to draft posts that get thousands of clicks, go viral, get shared by your readers, and lead to a lucrative outcome to line your pockets. Although every blogger may dream of writing highly shareable posts, in order to reach that outcome, you’ll need to spend a serious portion of your time researching, strategizing, and honing your craft. Thankfully, there’s good reason for optimism – knowing some fundamental blog writing tips can help you polish your posts and work steadily towards hitting your goals. Check out the five top tips below that can help you clean up your work, draw more eyes, and perhaps even start earning a living from your blog writing.

1. Discover the Topics Your Readers Get Most Excited About

For your blog writing services to become a hit, it’s important to write about topics that really excite your audience and get your readers going. Different blog writers have different strengths, so this phase may involve a little trial. For a few ideas to help out your brainstorming, you may want to try consistently popular blog types such as:

·         Professional, niche pieces relating to a specific industry

·         Best-of listicles

·         Personal opinion pieces

·         Personal betterment advice pieces

·         Takes on current news

2. Hone an Authentic Author’s Voice and Write Authoritatively

If your blog comes across as weak and uncertain, you may quickly lose readers. Writing in an authoritative and authentic voice, on the other hand, can lend your blog a distinctive feel and potentially keep your readers coming back for more. Just make sure to:

·         Cite statistics, data, and studies you reference in your work

·         Tailor your writing to your base of readers

·         Hone your style down to the smallest details and adopt a distinctive, memorable voice

·         Use powerful and professional language as is appropriate

3. Re-Format Your Content in Modern and Eye-Catching Ways

Although the content of your blogs is a major part of whether your posts will find success, don’t forget about the importance of formatting, too. Re-formatting your content or trying out new content types can attract extra attention and give your blog a more modern feel. For instance, you could try experimenting with:

·         Short blurbs or blog posts

·         Mid-length e-books

·         Long-form, in-depth research articles

·         Scientific white papers and case studies

·         Captioned video clips or audio clips, such as podcasts

·         Checklists and listicles

·         Public polls and quizzes

4. Drop Dull Writing Habits and Clean Up Your Prose

Even if you’re already a seasoned writer, there’s a chance you could be hanging on to some bad writing habits without realizing it. Dull prose can make your blogs boring and less shareable, so it’s important to sharpen up those skills. Try to stop:

·         Writing convoluted or run-on sentences

·         Switching between different voices

·         Using inappropriately formal or informal verbiage

·         Not proofreading your work for typos, grammatical errors, or formatting issues

·         Failing to write with a specific audience in mind

·         Using too many adjectives and not enough descriptive verbs

5. Offer Your Readers Unique Solutions and Recourses to Common Problems

Finally, you may want to position your blog as a unique source for your readers. Consider providing audiences with:

·         Additional resources

·         Unique solutions or actions your readers could take

·         Advice for overcoming certain problems

For many blossoming blog writers, crafting viral, shareable posts that may lead to highly lucrative outcomes is a top priority. If you’re hoping to open your own blog site soon, or have already secured a website and begun writing your first posts, these five key blog writing tips can help you produce polished and attractive work.

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