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January 11, 2022

7 must-have security gadgets to keep your home safe

The best way to keep burglars out if they are intent on breaking in is to turn your home into a “fortress”. These seven security gadgets can help!

Security is paramount for all homeowners. No one wants to know that their property and one of the biggest investments in their life is not correctly protected, whether they are or not at home.

Home break-ins and burglaries cost its victims more than significant property loss. Besides the huge price tag (News - Alert) attached to being a victim of a break-in, such an event can also lead to emotional traumas or be potentially dangerous.

So, how do you achieve optimal home security?

This is where security gadgets shine and allow homeowners to rest assured that their homes, and them, are safe. Here are seven must-have security gadgets that will keep your home safe:

1.Security cameras

Security cameras are a must-have security measure! These systems not only act as repellents to burglars, but they also play a major role in dealing with the afterward of a break-in.

As the experts from explain, “Security camera systems discourage burglars from breaking into a home as they are aware that their crimes will literally be caught on camera. However, even if burglars don’t let themselves be intimidated by the cameras and proceed with their acts, security cameras can play a major role in the investigation that takes place after such an event.”

Your security cameras can give the authorities essential insights and evidence that can help with identifying the burglars and finding them. For example, the cameras can capture the bad guys’ faces or their car license plates. Such clues can prove essential in case of a burglary that targets your home. Security cameras can also be an essential asset that improve business and warehouse security.

2.Blind spots camera

Let’s be honest: a burglar will always want to make sure they aren’t seen when breaking in. So, they won’t enter the front door. Instead, they will look for those blind spots that your main camera systems can’t see. That’s what blind spots cameras are for.

Also called “dead zone” cameras, these systems are perfect for capturing those areas that aren’t seen on your main security cameras. Powered by batteries, these gadgets typically have a motion detection feature, and they also contain infrared night vision.

3.Lights and camera on doorbell ringers

One trick that burglars use to make sure that a house is safe to break in is to knock at the front door or ring the bell. They do so to check if there’s anyone at home.

But, what will happen if you are not at home when burglars “test the waters”? If there’s no one to answer the door, not even some movement around the house, burglars will think that they can easily enter your home and steal all your precious belongings.

Luckily, there’s a way to fool them: use light and camera systems on your doorbell ringers.

These motion-activated security cameras or light systems can be installed at the doorbell location to prevent burglars from thinking that your home is an easy target. When they ring at your door, lights will turn on, making the burglar feel that there is actually someone at home. Plus, the camera system will record the faces of the ill-intentioned individuals at your front door.

4.Motion sensors paired with lights

Motion sensors paired with lights are another way to scare off burglars and discourage them from breaking into your property.

Motion sensors can typically be connected with a smartphone, sending alerts when there is something going on in the area where they are installed. More precisely, if burglars try to make their way inside your home, these sensors will alert you that there is some movement in that area.

What’s more, when paired with lights, these motion sensors also turn on when they sense movement. It’s well known that burglars prefer to stay in the dark when breaking into a house. So, the lights may also help scare them off of your property.

5.Barking dog alarm

What’s another thing that burglars are scared of? Large dogs that protect their owners and property.

Use this to your advantage and install a barking dog alarm to confuse ill-intentioned people who enter your property and discourage them from trying to break into your home.

Barking dog alarms are exactly what you might imagine: a gadget that works on motion detectors and uses an alarm that sounds like the braking of a vicious dog.

Here’s an extra tip: hang a “Warning Bad Dog” sign to fool thieves into really thinking that there’s a dog protecting your property.

6.Pressure doormat alarm

Pressure doormats also act as alarms that notify you when there’s someone close to your home’s entrance so that you can check who is out there.

Pressure doormats send alerts on your smartphone when someone is standing near your door at the doormat. This simple, effective, and discrete method adds additional security to your home.

Place it under your traditional doormat to hide it from potential burglars who are aware of how this home security system works.

7.Fire alarm system

Unfortunately, burglars aren’t the only threat to your home’s security. An unexpected fire can also put your property and all people inside at risk. Keeping your property safe with gadgets isn’t just about preventing burglaries. It is also about reducing the risk of life-threatening risks such as fires.

This is where fire alarm systems shine.

Automatic fire detection systems have an incorporated alarm that rings when they sense smoke. By alerting you that there’s a fire in your home, the fire alarm system gives you enough time to react promptly and efficiently to stop the fire or go to a safe place. A fire alarm system gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be alerted in case of a fire, and you’ll be able to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. 

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