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December 14, 2021

How has technology changed online casinos?

The speed of technological changes is incredible in the information age. We are often not aware of the extent to which modern information technology is changing our lives and providing us with some benefits. There are many different types of devices and software tools that we take for granted. Without them, we cannot imagine an ordinary working day. What's more interesting, some of them practically did not even exist until recently. That is why it is worth thinking about changes and understanding where it all leads. After all, try to "go through" one of your typical days in your mind, but imagine you do not have a mobile phone, computer, Internet access and the like. The same goes for the online casino industry and games we now play regularly. The Internet technology has impacted the world we know today and shaped the future of online gambling the way we are about to show in this article.

Mobile Friendly Live Casinos

Mobile gaming took the online gambling industry by storm. As you will later see, the numbers of potential users are high and grow daily, so casinos were the next logical step. When first appeared, live casinos worked only on desktop machines and required significant resources to run. A player should have a true PC beast with a powerful graphic card, headphones, cameras, and more. Now, when the online gambling market focuses on handheld devices, all these things are packed into one.

From your smartphone or tablet, it is now easy to place bets of different sizes while trying to beat a live dealer. Players can always refer to reviews of 10 dollar minimum deposit casino sites and find out where to wager with their preferred bankroll.

Live casinos that flawlessly work on a smaller screen provide the ultimate gaming experience for a growing army of enthusiasts who enjoy this exciting niche. Now, it is possible to beat a dealer while waiting for a bus or on the break from your regular work. This is just one example of things to change online gambling and improve user experience, so let's see what else we have here.

Downloadable Online Casino Apps

The modern world, without a doubt, functions with the help of mobile applications. Mobile devices and applications have changed the way we communicate, work, learn, enjoy… It is estimated that currently over 3.2 billion users own a smartphone and that 88% of them spend time on the phone on applications.

Through the downloadable casino app, players can try any supported game for free, register to wager for real money, and make fast and convenient financial transactions. Moreover, certain payment methods grant special bonuses and promotions for deposits using a casino app. This way, playing online casino games has never been easier whether you want to play for real or for fun. For real-money gamblers, it would be useful to read online casino Australia real money sites reviews to get a bigger picture.

Casino apps, like all other applications for smartphones and tablets, also have push notifications so that gamers will receive timely information about new products and services that betting sites provide. This way, downloadable apps have improved both to provide and receive a seamless gaming experience while on the move. Finally, a chance to enjoy games and bonuses on the go is probably the most important change the apps have introduced to the industry.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Although VR) and AR for decades have existed in various forms, they have only recently started to attract the broader public's attention. Thanks to advances in content (especially storytelling) and hardware, VR has been on the rise lately and it's exciting to track its progress. The tech is embraced by brands, film studios, and gambling companies and it seems that this trend will continue. Currently, AR is in the background, but it is possible that this area will also progress.

This looks rather promising to everyone who wants to play online casino games. Players need a virtual reality headset to play a game and actually feel like in a brick 'n' mortar casino with all the goodies and treats such an institution can bring. This way, gambling is made easier and more efficient. Now, you get the next best thing without having to pay for a trip and hotel in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo to play casino games.

When talking about the player security issues, this only depends on gambling sites you are associated with. Reputable websites employ state-of-the-art security protocols often additionally strengthened by firewalls keeping your personal and financial information away from a third-party intrusion. With that in mind, VR can only boost your experience playing online casino games and radically change the approach we know at the moment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning is based on the idea that there are generic algorithms that can tell you something interesting about a set of data, without you having to write special code for the problem. Instead of writing code, you insert data into a generic algorithm, which makes its own logic based on the inputs. In the gaming industry, this means that certain online games can literally remember moves that players make and offer them additional choices accordingly.

Of course, the casino gaming enthusiasts who never tried this concept have a vague idea about it, but the truth is this is our future. While playing slot games of the new generation that rely on gamification and RPG elements, both AI and ML concepts will help you reach new levels and generate significant winnings. The new Canadian casino technology is already in use in some casinos, even though the mass effect is still waiting.

Clearly, the Internet has affected the online gaming industry in many ways that today are still considered science. But like in popular movies you watched like "Back to the Future", things that seemed unimaginable turned out into everyday gadgets and hack we can't imagine our life without.


Experts are seriously thinking about the accelerated technological advancements and how it made casino games accessible to anyone. The familiar Moore's law envisages an exponential acceleration of the development of computer technologies, which can be applied to many other areas. Even more - the acceleration of change refers not only to technology, but also to sociological and cultural phenomena. Some even believe that there will be a qualitative leap in the development of the human race because tech that changes online casinos and other areas of life becomes inconceivably fast. On the other hand, many criticize the aspect called technological singularity as unrealistic. However, the only sure thing is that human knowledge, science, and technology will continue to advance and develop.

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