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November 30, 2021

PSOhub Project Management

PSOhub’s new project management tool offers HubSpot (News - Alert) users a better experience managing both their information and productivity while on the platform. This new integrated tool aims to prevent users from getting overwhelmed by the projects they have on their plates by assisting the project manager with engaging visualizations, easy to understand dashboards, seamless CRM and invoice integrations.

The project manager features a couple of handy tools namely:

  • Calculation sheet: allows users to assume management of the handoff from sales to project management sheets to help them estimate the budget needed.
  • Automated project setup: allows users to set up projects on PSOhub shortly after closing a deal on HubSpot. This feature is a simple one-click away followed by obeying the easy to use, self-driving set-up flow.
  • Project task board: uses familiar Kanban boards to help create and manage tasks as a part of PSOhub’s project management tools.
  • Project planning: a signature feature that lets users set and prioritize their goals, define their deliverables and produce schedules for projects using a Gantt chart on PSOhub. Users can also integrate PSOhub with their other project management software using PSOhub’s extensive API.
  • Project status tracking: a feature that allows users to estimate the health of their projects, determine if projects are taking too much time or over budget and overall provides an overview of all their projects at a glance.
  • Project management alerts: lets users set an alert for specific milestones in the lifespan of their projects to ensure they never go off track on projects.
  • Dashboards and reporting: PSOhub goes out of its way to provide all its users with the data required to give them the insight needed to optimize their business by drawing from a pool of successful and less successful projects.

With the PSOhub project management tool, users can now easily create projects with as little as a click of the mouse, all while keeping track of all information from sales and keeping their sales teams updated.

PSOhub also lets users  keep a sharp eye on all their projects with its unique 360-degree project management feature.

Letting users easily manage their tasks seamlessly and designate activities with ease. It also lets users oversee and prioritize available resources at their disposal using the handy Gantt charts.

Besides, PSOhub offers users the ability to seamlessly integrate with other project management tools like ClickUp or

PSOhub Integrations

PSOhub’s easy to use platform integrates seamlessly with CRM as well as other accounting and project execution tools that most professional services organizations use in their business — and acts as a stable bridge between them all.
The days of the time spreadsheet exports and hacked-together integrations are fortunately behind us with PSOhub helping professional services organizations to centralize the information from their CRMs, project management and collaboration tools, and accounting software.

Users who partner with Zapier alongside the PSOhb API, can finally connect the distant corners of their tech stacks to create both a holistic workflow and easily enable unprecedented visibility.

Featured integration

A host of integration options exist on PSOhub, some include:

  • HubSpot
    PSOhub continues from where HubSpot left off previously by allowing users to break down the metaphorical wall between sales and project management. Users can access data from HubSpot and use it to generate contracts, projects, and invoices, and also track the progress of a project at a glance using HubSpot’s specialized activity feed. PSOhub is the perfect missing link between HubSpot and users' accounting software.
  • Salesforce
    Users can boost their Salesforce ecosystem using the native integration feature on PSOhub's PSA software. This seamless connection streamlines every stage of the user’s project delivery processes. Optimizing from funnel to opportunity, staffing to successful project delivery and even invoicing; PSOhub enables users to efficiently automate their organizational processes from funnel-2-cash.
    Data from Salesforce can be used to automatically start a project, improve collaboration, and observe a project’s progress at a glance from the Salesforce activity timeline.
  • Microsoft (News - Alert) Dynamics 365
    Microsoft Dynamics offers Professional Service Automation easily thanks to the native integration feature on PSOhub. Collaboration between sales, resourcing, project management and financial teams is now readily accessible to users of this feature. PSOhub steps it up by Letting users reuse data from Dynamics 365 to set up new projects, track existing project progress, and also create invoices.

Accounting software integrations
Users of PSOhub have the option of integrating their preferred accounting software solution with PSOhub to facilitate faster payments.

  • Integrating PSOhub with Xero will automatically generate new invoices and keep track of notifications after payment is received.
  • Sending smart invoices from PSOhub to Quickbooks will send a notification to PSOhub once payments are complete.
  • Integrating PSOhub with Bexio will automate a user’s invoicing.
  • Simplify online accounting by connecting PSOhub's smart time tracking with Exact Online to help manage invoices.
  • Connecting invoices from PSOhub to Moneybird will help track payment notifications in one place.


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