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November 29, 2021

Is it Possible to Recover Deleted Data from a PC?


Information is valuable, which is why we go the extra mile to protect our files from loss. We secure documents through proper storage both on the PC or external storage devices. However, at times we lose a bit of focus and click on the dreaded button delete.

Deleting files by accident can happen once in a while though, it isn`t the only way we can lose data. Scenarios such as hard drive failure, virus attack on files, compromised files, among other factors, can happen, and before we know it, everything is gone. But with such messes comes a solution. Be at ease when working with data recovery software because no data loss can hinder your goal.

Disk Drill by Cleverfiles is software that you can use to recover deleted data from a PC, whether permanently deleted or just in the recycle bin. This software and other best data recovery tools for Windows 10, 11 offer solutions to various data loss problems ranging from hard disk failure, microSD cards, internal hard drives, digital cameras, I-phones, Mac, etc. The best part is, you can recover up to 500 MB worth of data for free when using this data recovery software.

How To Recover Deleted Files

Whichever circumstances might have led to your data files being lost, there is still hope of recovering them. There are two ways to recover deleted data from your PC.

  • The first and most known option for getting your data restored is looking for the trash bin or the recycle bin icon
  • Click on the icon and check for the files you are looking for by typing in the search word.
  • Once found, right-click on the file you wish to be recovered to the Pc. You will be prompted with a question asking if you want the file to be restored.
  • Click on the restore option to have your file restored.

Second option involves the permanently deleted files that have no backup. When you have permanently deleted files, and there is no backup, there is no safer and better way to go than getting the best recovery tools for PC. You can also use some of the best file recovery tools for Mac. You can achieve this by downloading reliable data recovery software and ensuring that the data is retrieved safely and no further damage comes to your PC. Disk Drill by Cleverfiles software offers the following services:

  • It offers up to 500MB of data to be restored for free.
  • Ability to preview files before the recovery option is initiated.
  • Any file in whichever format can be recovered using this software.
  • You can use it for data backup as well as free file protection for your data.

Step By Step Guide on How to Use Disk Drill Recovery Software

  • Download and install Disk Drill by Cleverfiles software for windows on your PC.
  • Open the app to initiate the recovery process by allowing the software access to your PC.
  • Once this is done, choose the drive or compartment in which you need a recovery of files to be done.
  • Look for the button indicating 'search for lost data. The software takes up the scanning process using its unique algorithms to find the deleted files.
  • A list of files found in the scanning process will appear on your screen. At this stage, you can do a preview of lost files before you decide on which ones you want have restored.
  • Once you decide which files you want to be recovered, go to the restore button and click on it, you will be asked about the storage location you wish to have your files.
  • Click on the location, and you will have your lost files recovered. Note that if your files were compromised in the initial storage location, it would be wise to change the storage location.

Disk Drill by Cleverfiles software has many added benefits to the user more than it's bargained for in a data recovery software. The data recovery software is user-friendly and can even be used by people with less expertise in the IT department. It's a recovery software for Mac, computers, phones, tablets, etc.

To get the best out of this software, you can upgrade to the PRO version, a premium option. With the premium version, you are bound to benefit from the following:

  • Complete data recovery beyond 500MBS deep and quick scanning options for lost files, 
  • Preview file before recovery, 
  • Assured recovery storage, 
  • Recovery vault, 
  • Smart FAT and NTFS algorithms lost partition search, 
  • Byte-byte backup, and 
  • Data loss prevention.

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