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October 27, 2021

Five Products that you use everyday that make use of power connectors

When it comes to electronics, it's all about power. Power connectors are the crucial link between a device and its power supply. These connectors are what you plug into the wall outlet in consumer gadgets. If you want to know about power connectors in detail, then these are the devices that enable an electrical current to flow through them only to power a gadget. Customers try to figure out which type of connector best fits their electrical device's geometric and electrical requirements.

Even though it also gets utilized with other types of appliances which we use in our day-to-day lives. Here is a list of goods that you use daily and that use power connections to assist you in learning more about home appliances and their power connections.

Daily products that make use of power connectors


Depending on the type of stove and the amount of electricity required, oven power connectors can have three or four prongs linked to the cord end. While older homes may still use a three-prong oven connector, newer residences might need four prongs for additional safety. Unlike refrigerators and other appliances, ovens do not come with power connections as there are just too many factors at play. Certain homes, for example, will require a three-prong power cord, while others will demand four prongs. Some dwellings, on the other hand, require hardwiring.


In a computer desktop, or other equipment like printers, monitors, and other portable devices the c13 can get in action to witness a better performance. An IEC (News - Alert) cord, often known as a computer connector, is a power cord with a country-specific standard power plug on one end and a c13 power cord coupler on the other. It is beneficial in computer applications.


In a television, the connector links the device to the mains energy supply via a wall socket or an extension cord for a short period. At each end of the cable, a power connector has connectors molded to it. Connector sets consist of a flexible cable with electrical connectors on either end, one male and one female, and are removable from the power supply and the electrical equipment. While avoiding any electric shock, one end of the cord set is connected to a molded electrical plug, while the other gets connected to a molded electrical receptacle. Your television will not work without it. When the power cord is lost or broken, it is critical to locate a replacement connector as soon as possible.


A three-pronged plug gets used in the heavy-duty power connector. The connector gives your refrigerator power, allowing it to keep its contents cool. If your refrigerator won't turn on or turns on and off intermittently, there could be a problem with your connector. To get your vegetables well-preserved, your refrigerator’s connector should be in good working order.

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