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October 20, 2021

Are Essay Writing Skills Necessary for a Future Career?

“My desired career does not require writing skills; therefore, I only need these English credits to complete my degree.” A common phrase that echoes throughout the halls of college campuses every day. Writing skills are necessary for a successful career as all positions rely on writing in some manner.

Once an individual selects a desired career and sees that dream job posting, the first step is to submit a resume and cover letter; these two written documents are what sets them apart from the other candidates. If the resume does not encapsulate applicable skills and the cover letter does not clearly convey previous experience, the chances for being selected to move forward to an interview are slim. Developing strong writing skills are essential to make jobseekers desired in the workplace and make that first step in a career. 

Writing skills do not always show themselves in formal essays (i.e. visual analysis essays, argumentative papers, etc.) or letters. In the age of technology, emails are the primary form of contact between colleagues, business partners, and other professionals in an industry. Spelling and grammar may be caught through spell check technology, the difference between bibliography vs works cited can be looked up online, but convoluted sentence structure and lack of organization will not get employees very far. Poor email etiquette will create a lack of respect and credibility -- even if these individuals are excellent at every other facet of their job. Moreover, no employer wants to spend time teaching their new hire how to properly send emails to fellow professionals – it is expected that their staff is capable of this simple task!

A good writer will ultimately be a better speaker. In the professional world, there are frequent presentations whether it be to share a new concept, request support, or explain current projects. Writing skills are essential in drafting presentations, and organizing thoughts before turning them into verbal communications. According to Cecile Wright, an essay writing expert at, “it is often those who cannot write well who struggle with public speaking.”

In any position, there will be times that employees are needed to submit a written request. This is especially common for researchers who frequently submit requests for grant funding or company executives who ask for investments from partners. While it may seem that the works speaks for itself, it is actually the writing skills that speak for you. Being able to efficiently communicate the scope of work – especially translating jargon-filled terms into a clear request – is a necessary aspect of any career.

In fact, one of the largest issues currently facing the scientific community is the lack of ability to translate findings into terms that are comprehendible for the common reader. It is evident that writing is not just a skill to help an individual in their career but is needed to progress ideas within fields of study. Writing connects scientists to policy makers, politicians to their constituents, and researchers to professionals. The information exists, yet the ability to turn this into something digestible and useful rests on writing skills to efficiently communicate it.

Writing skills may not be explicitly outlined as a requirement for the position in the job posting, but it a standard facet of any job. Employers will expect you to write cohesive emails, submit written proposals, and receive communication from you in a timely fashion. Perfecting these skills while in school will advance individuals in their career in ways that are not always immediately evident.

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