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October 14, 2021

AdMedia Explains How to Cut the Clutter and Serve Precisely Targeted Messages Online

No matter where a customer turns on the internet, they are surrounded by advertising noise. Competing marketing messages that do not pique their interest clutter websites and mobile platforms. It can be difficult for an advertiser to reach the customers they want with the messages that will have the most impact.

AdMedia, a Contextual Targeting Advertising expert based in Los Angeles, CA (News - Alert), can provide a valuable service to companies of all types. By using its proprietary algorithm-based targeting system, the company can serve the ads that matter to the customers at the moment and are much more likely to grab their attention.

The Effectiveness of Targeted Advertising

Targeted advertising is far more effective than simple display ads. A scientific study published in the Journal of Consumer Research discovered that customers were more likely to be interested in buying from an ad that they perceived as explicitly targeted to their interests. They could also change their self-perception, believing that they had an increased level of sophistication compared to other members of the public.

The researchers found that ads based on previous purchases were particularly effective. The study also found that if customers trust the website where the ads are presented, they are more likely to click through and potentially buy an item.

Potential Pitfalls

The balance lies in keeping these ads from being considered intrusive. In the study, intrusive ads were 17 percent less likely to induce a website visitor to make a purchase.

Customers do not like ads that they perceive as “creepy.” Ad targeting algorithms should be cautious in deciding which information to pull and how to use it.

The company helps advertisers avoid this program through the use of contextual targeting advertising. This sophisticated system serves only the best and most relevant ads to any given customer. To keep an ad from becoming too intrusive, advertisers should not place ads based on inferences that they have made about the customer’s life based on information drawn from their online activity.

How Do Advertisers Avoid the Clutter?

The company takes many different aspects of the consumer journey into account when targeting website ads. Their proprietary algorithms serve precisely what the customer is looking for when they want to research a purchase or buy an item.

The algorithm works by analyzing high-value interest signals through machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence. Machine learning works by looking for patterns in large volumes of data. Machine learning can work within these algorithms and analyze clicks, search terms, and customer behaviors to find the best ads and places to serve them.

Some examples of the data taken into consideration by the algorithm include search terms, behavioral activity, and contextual mapping.

Marketing messages are always targeted to the customer’s particular needs and their stage in the customer journey. For example, if a customer had been researching an athletic shoe purchase, they may be served an athletic shoe ad based on their search results when they visit a sports-related website. This helps reinforce the customer’s need for athletic shoes and reminds them of the search they had performed in the recent past.

Ads are particularly effective when they are shown when the customer is about to make a purchase. This means that conversion rates and revenue are driven up incrementally.

Special Features for Advertisers

The company’s ads are brand-safe, meaning that they will not interfere with their client’s branding and stated values. They are also available across platforms, meaning that an ad can be served on a mobile device or a PC with equal impact.

The company provides complete transparency, allowing clients to see exactly where traffic is originating. This makes it easier to analyze marketing techniques and decide which criteria will provide the maximum results.

An AdMedia spokesperson reminds us that “AdMedia has several product solutions for enterprise advertisers ranging from awareness to incremental revenue and customer acquisition which are activated using our 1st party data which is refreshed in real-time using our proprietary tech by consuming cross channel search and shopping intent signals.”

Client Partners

Some companies that have trusted the company with their contextual advertising needs include Edmunds, Hearst, Keen, ZipRecruiter, and Nike. These prominent brands show that the company’s methods get results.

Advertising Advantages

The company’s ad targeting services provide an increased return on investment for every search. Understanding how the company’s targeted ads work can lead advertisers to greater success with higher click-through rates and purchase rates.

Improve Your Ad Targeting Today

Today, technology is rapidly developing along with advertising platforms. The ad marketplace is only becoming more cluttered and more difficult to navigate. It is best to help the consumer sift through the noise and clutter and serve relevant, targeted messages that matter at their specific point in the customer journey.

AdMedia provides the best customer service and the most finely targeted ads available on the market today. It makes sense that major brands are turning to the company to solve their advertising problems. Contact the company today if you are interested in taking advantage of the power of contextual advertising for yourself.

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