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October 06, 2021

Uses of Popular Technology in Entertainment

It’s clear that technology has advanced immensely over the last couple of decades, and with that, a lot of changes to the ways we live our lives have come to light. While tech is undoubtedly in every field out there these days, one of the most common uses we see for new tech is in entertainment. From video games to box office hits, it’s easy to see how tech has changed the way we consume entertainment in general. Our demands for better quality within the industry are getting louder, and it seems companies are listening. Here are some of the most interesting uses of tech in entertainment.

Live Streaming in Bingo

Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games you can currently take part in. Of course, with the introduction of online Bingo, things in this category have blossomed immensely over the past few years. These days, you can play Bingo anytime, anywhere. What’s better, Bingo games are advancing to include some of the best tech currently on the market. Naturally, we’re talking about live streaming tech! The best Bingo sites have an incredible array of Bingo games to choose from. Recently, this includes live-streamed Bingo titles you track in real-time!

AI in Video Games

While this isn’t exactly novel news, it’s something that many people don’t seem to know. AI has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue lately, but we’ve been in contact with it for decades. While not as advanced as some of the more modern iterations of the technology, a more rudimentary version of AI is used is regularly used in video games. To make gameplay more lifelike and unpredictable, NPC’s in games use AI to learn how to better react to the player and make the whole gaming experience an exciting one.

The Rise of Deepfakes

This one is as terrifying as it is funny. While they don't come from traditional media, deepfakes have been a running joke on the internet. Most notably, they're known for placing the likeness of actor Nicholas Cage in different movie scenes. Deepfakes work with Machine learning and AI to generate someone’s likeness onto an existing image or video. For now, it seems that this tech is mostly used just for laughs, but because of the frighteningly good results it delivers, people fear that it could be misused for a vast number of criminal activities or as a means for spreading misinformation.

Live Streaming Platforms

It’s safe to say that live streaming tech has gone way beyond just Bingo games. From the start, live streaming technology scored big with the gaming community. Live streaming platforms like Twitch have amassed millions of users. Mostly, these viewers can't get enough of watching entertaining personalities play their favorite games. Platforms like Twitch have expanded immensely over the years. They’re now some of the most frequented sites worldwide, featuring a variety of content that includes gaming, simple chats, fitness, music, and even more than a few celebrity appearances!

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles