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September 13, 2021

AQUILES ESTE / Art and science for ambitious brands

An imaginative mindset allows the cerebrum to analyze the surroundings and the world through a unique perspective. Not having an element of creativity in the thought process, restricts one’s capacities. Such people look at everything according to another’s viewpoint, it ends up being comparatively impossible to channel the personality’s originality. Bring all this into consideration, the world requires cutting-edge creative people in each field to view things from a unique perspective, bringing about results that push the boundaries.

One such field where an individual's creativity can do wonders is branding and brand consultancy. Different platforms admire people for their innovative capacity. This specific imaginative capacity of such gifted people empowers them to be the pioneers of their respective fields. One such individual who has dominated the realm of computerized promoting through brand consultancy is Aquiles Este, a world class professional working at the cross roads of branding and social listening technologies, also called Social Intelligence or Big Data.

Embarking on the Journey as a Brand Consultant

An overall subject matter expert and well-equipped in exhibiting firms offering imaginative responses for taking a brand to the next level, Aquiles Este is garnering much attention in the marketing world. His capabilities to think differently and look at things from a broader perspective has helped many businesses turned into leading brands. Aquiles acknowledges that everything can be given a twist, all it demands is an inventive and creative capacity and full command of technology. It is how Aquiles has been working in the respective field. His journey started when he thought about news coverage and brand promotions at Universidad Central de Venezuela. He later went to Universidade de São Paulo and Universidade Católica de São Paulo, where he earned  a doctorate degree in Semiotics with Summa Cum laude distinction. Having an imaginative outlook also helped Aquiles with intuition about the case, particularly as an early subject matter expert on viral communications and content shareability. In 1992, Aquiles wandered into his master calling and went to Caracas where he directed ProDiseño, a highly esteemed design school in Latin America. As dean of ProDiseño, Aquiles conferred his expertise  to the school and helped them win the grandiose 'International Design Magazine Annual Design Review' in 2000. Along with this, he also taught at Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA), one of Latin America's driving business colleges at that time.

Aquiles later wandered out to New York City in 1999 to work in the emerging field of Computational Linguistics with New York University's world renown specialist , Ray C. Dougherty. He drove an investigation project at NYU's Department of Media, Culture, and Communication on the interrelation between Charles S. Peirce's concept of sign replication and Marshall McLuhan's media theories. This was executed under the direction of media master Neil Postman, one of the founders of Media Ecology.

As Aquiles was ceaselessly learning and creating, he ended up skewed towards the world of branding and advertisement. He began his business as the Creative Vice President for the British advertising network Lowe, known as MullenLowe today. He worked with this firm for three years. Before long, Aquiles got disappointed with the methodologies in use in the advertising industry. To bring his extensive portfolio and colossal experience in use, Aquiles moved to the United States of America in 2009 with EB1-A after passing the level of one-of-a-kind testing, becoming important to the USA.

Being steady with the assertion, a few significant lengths of discernment and studies, Aquiles set up the system for his marking his own consultancy in Miami, Florida. As a learned individual, he comprehended the need to bridge the gap between technology and marketing. He found that it was imperative to fuse the two to devise winning marketing strategies. His firm oversaw data-driven marketing, a methodology not used by many at that time. In 2016, Social Data Intelligence, a British consultancy, anticipated the United States National Election results using one of Aquiles Este's prescient social listening models. In 2016, he coined the term 'polimercial brands,' to bring attention to the expanding number of commercial businesses that need to deal with capricious political and socially issues.

The Established Organization Reflecting Thirty Years of Experience

Throughout his time in the business, Aquiles has helped brands prosper in North and South America, Europe, and Asia, and in practically all categories and sectors; commercial, political, personal, and country brands. His thirty years of inclusion can be found in his organization's functional techniques. He offers brilliant choices for leading organizations, corporate and political pioneers.

Today, Aquiles teaches Brand Content Management at the University of Miami, Herbert Business School, while fostering his brand consultancy using the latest Social Intelligence Technologies. With his extensive expertise, he became a New York Times contributor. He is an expert who demonstrated that outcomes will consistently be useful with the ideal methodology and relentless ability. His respected clients include Regional Brands and Global Corporations, Place Brands, Political Brands and Polimercial Brands. Alejandro Piscitelli, a prestigious researcher in advanced digital communications, recorded “Dr. Aquiles Este as one of the true world class experts in the field of memetics and content replication.”

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