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August 27, 2021

How Michael Williams, A Former Video Game Developer, Is Redefining Esports with Glytch

Michael Williams formerly owned GameWorks and is known as a legendary video game developer with over 25 hit video games he produced, coded, and designed.

Williams founded his company, Glytch, in 2018. Glytch is opening a series of Esports Stadiums melded with location-based entertainment and upscale food and beverage options across America.

Each Glytch venue will be the official home stadium of a professional esports team. Glytch has broken ground on its first location in Los Angeles, California, which is scheduled to open in Q4 2022.

Glytch is a merit-based company that makes diversity one its foremost objectives. Williams believes in fostering a workplace environment that allows employees to excel further in the field, leading to an unmatched company culture.

At Glytch, Michael Williams and his team believe esports is sports, and that fair competition is an unbiased catalyst to social interaction that can be both rewarding and fun.

Glytch is not a LAN center, but rather a 500-to-750 person seating capacity Esports Stadium blended with location-based entertainment and live broadcasting. Additionally, Glytch has the unique ability to host battle royale tournaments in which over 100 people can compete simultaneously.

Esports has been prevalent for years. But lately, it has been gaining increased popularity, leading to a boom in the industry. What was once considered a niche market is now becoming more mainstream and familiar.

As Williams and his team know, Esports can be categorized as professionally played video games combined with an engaged spectator base, providing an unmatched experience for the audience and participants. Glytch aims to provide a space where competitive players and spectators can showcase their skills and interests with like-minded individuals.

As video games increase in popularity, which is undoubtedly happening across the globe, so does the competitive gaming and spectator base. This recognition has inspired Michael Williams to form a company that caters specifically to this audience.

Esports is interesting because players do not need a specific skill set or even talent to participate. They can use their unique learning abilities to their advantage in the field. This serves not only them but also the audience and each unique fan base.

The esports industry also has no limitations as to what is offered. This is unlike the sports industry, which is catered to specific sports only. Esports can reach new audiences and markets with flexibility regarding what is provided and the variety presented.

There are far more players and spectators in esports, allowing it to be a community that anyone can become a part of should they wish to. The ever-changing nature of esports also enables the industry to become transformative and take new shapes and forms based on consumer habits and preferences.

Because of esports, video games are now more accessible to a broader group of people due to the nature and versatility of the technology at hand. It allows people to connect with a multitude of plays of varying skill levels, not only nationally but internationally.

According to Michael Williams, there are no known restrictions such as skill requirements in esports, but rather a passion for the industry, which many gamers already have. This enables esports to have dedicated fan bases, and Williams has found mass success because of the nature of the field.

Esports empowers everyone to become a part of a transformative online community, which translates well into in-person events, which is where Glytch plays a crucial role. Glytch provides food and beverages, event services, and even has Glytch Gear to enhance the player experience.

The Glytch Battle Station is an esports desk with an embedded Alienware Aurora motherboard and Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card. Michael Williams aimed to revolutionize how battle royale tournaments are held across the USA with this device. He hopes to expand this globally by enabling over 100 gamers to participate or compete in tournaments.

Glytch is continuously evolving into a leading brand in the gaming and esports industry and is quickly becoming a top event producer.

For more information, visit Glytch.

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