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August 23, 2021

Why are Thinkpads most popular for Business Purposes?

Are you an emerging business professional in search of the perfect laptop? When you go take a sneak peek at the market, you can find a slew of laptop choices available. Infact, with so many options to choose from, it is natural for shoppers to remain confused and undecided, even after skimming through hundreds of user reviews. However, when you talk about a laptop that is most popular for business purposes, only one name pops in the mind of thousands of professionals- Lenovo (News - Alert) ThinkPad.

Wondering what makes Thinkpads the most popular choice for business purposes? Well, there are many features ranging from its robustness to durability, that makes Lenovo ThinkPads as the top choice of many professionals when it comes to getting work done. Here is a list of some reasons that will make you understand why ThinkPads are most popular for business purposes and you can find the best laptop offers near you in the article below.

1. Shows Reliable and Productive Performance

The Lenovo ThinkPads are designed exclusively keeping in mind the comfort of business executives and professionals, who simply need to get things done. Much emphasis is placed on important factors such as performance for productivity, security and reliability by the Lenovo designer’s and engineers. Lenovo ThinkPads stand apart from the rest of the laptop crowd in regard to reliability and practicality. This product was crafted almost 26 years ago by IBM (News - Alert) and its vision is being taken forward with newer lineups consistently!

2. Incredible Durability and Longevity

First developed by IBM, ThinkPad was taken over by Lenovo in 2005. Its longevity and durability are two major factors which make Lenovo ThinkPads as the number one choice of hundreds of business professionals. It was the only laptop which was certified for use aboard the International Space Station, back in the year 2003. This achievement, in itself speaks a lot about the quality of this range of laptops. You will also be delighted to know that each ThinkPad has undergone MIL-SPEC testing against extreme conditions, to test its durability. Hence, you can be rest assured that this device is built to last, unlike the usual laptops which normally have an average 3-year lifespan.

Note: MIL-SPEC or MIL-STD is the U.S. Military Standard that meets the standardized objectives of the Department of Defence.

3. Ability to Survive in Harsh Conditions

Like we mentioned earlier, Lenovo ThinkPads have been tested to last longer than your general laptops. However, you may not know that the Lenovo ThinkPads series are designed to survive in the harshest of conditions. For instance, Lenovo ThinkPad T Series, is one exemplary set of laptops that have been known to function properly in acute condition places such as the arctic wilderness, deserts, Mt. Everest and even outer space. Hence, you can now believe when people say that ThinkPads, in general, are designed to endure even the roughest environments and conditions. You don’t have to worry about water spills, accidental drops, or similar disasters, because your Lenovo ThinkPad can overcome any hardship!

4. Highly Innovative Technology

Lenovo ThinkPads are not just sturdy, reliable and durable, but also highly innovative. Designed for the business traveller, the ThinkPad X series boasts of an impressive battery life while maintaining minimal carbon footprint. You will also be amazed to know that the latest X series ThinkPad models are powered up to 10th Gen Intel (News - Alert) Core i7 processor, high speed SSD storage, robust memory, power packed speed, and more. When it comes to innovation, the Lenovo team is not hitting brakes anytime soon. It is the team’s persistent hard work and dedication that led to the invention of ThinkPad X1 Fold, which is the 1st of its kind of laptop to sport a foldable display. Expected to hit the markets soon, ThinkPad explores several features which eases out the work pressure of thousands of business professionals.

5. Keep your Data Safe with Robust Security

Apart from good performance, durability and reliability, another thing that a business professional seeks from their laptop is robust security. The Lenovo ThinkPad with the inclusion of ThinkShield combines innovation from Lenovo and Microsoft, thereby coming up with the most comprehensive end-to-end security. With the number of cyberattacks increasing every day, business professionals need an assurance that their assets will remain safe against prying eyes. Hence, the security is further enhanced with the double protection of Secured-core which makes sure that your data remains safe under the multiple layers of security against firmware attacks. ThinkPad merges software and hardware solutions to bless the business professionals with a fully integrated and secure PC.

6. Showcases one of the Best Keyboards

Among back to back meetings and approaching-deadlines, the work pressure is already stressworthy. As a business professional, you wouldn’t want to add the worries of a poor keyboard on top of that. Hence, rely on ThinkPad. Featuring one of the best keyboards in comparison to any other laptop, it is no secret why ThinkPads are considered most popular for business purposes. With the higher travel distance, the ThinkPad keyboard makes typing much easier and quicker than other shallow keyboards. Secondly, the ThinkPad keyboard also features a tactile rough surface and Ark, therefore the typing experience on a ThinkPad is unparalleled. The only laptops that can beat the ThinkPad keyboard are the gaming laptops, which are however, unsuitable for business environments with glaring LEDs and loud fans.

7. Features The Trackpoint

The top choice of many working professionals, Trackpoint is one of the exceptional features of the ThinkPad. The ThinkPad Trackpoints is one of the navigational devices that are included in the keyboard. This trackpoint serves both a mouse as well as a pointing device. However, the trackpad is most commonly used for scrolling documents and spreadsheets because it makes the job much easier and quicker than any other inbuilt scrolling mechanism. The trackpoint can even act as a secondary or a backup mouse, in case your touchpad fails. Users can use it to point your cursor in any direction and even click icons. Always remain sure with a ThinkPad!

8. Cost-Effective Laptop

If you are just beginning your business trajectory or are under tight budget, then also Lenovo ThinkPad proves to be an efficient and full-proof choice. With ThinkPad, you get to enjoy a range of exceptional features in a completely budget-friendly way. Lenovo understands how ThinkPad is considered as the top choice for business purposes, and hence often initiates several exciting deals and discounts on the range. Currently, under the Lenovo ThinkPad sale, users can redeem up to 67% rebate on the purchase of ThinkPad laptops.

In the end, one can say Lenovo ThinkPad is an extraordinary blend of exceptional technology, no-nonsense design, robust security and reliability. After going through all these pointers, it is no secret why ThinkPads are most popular for business purposes. No matter, whether you are in the initial stages of your business, are planning to expand your company or are working as a freelance professional, the incredible performance of a Lenovo Thinkpad can be trusted by all.

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