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August 19, 2021

Top 10 Book Press Release Distribution Services for Authors

Here’s a harsh truth of the writing world: no matter how much effort you put into honing your craft and fine tuning your work, it won’t count for much if next to nobody lays their eyes on the finished product. Think about the last time you bought a book — did you see it on the shelves in a bookstore and buy it on impulse, or did you hear/read/learn about the title before you even considered making the purchase?

If the second option applies, you can thank someone’s marketing efforts for your decision.

Traditionally, publishing companies handled publicity for authors, running traditional advertising campaigns for new titles and using their connections with the media to get the word out. But the world is changing, with an increasing number of writers opting for the self-publishing route to have greater control over their work (and share less of the profits).

This can be a liberating choice, but it also means authors have to handle everything themselves — from cover art to formatting to publicity. Today, we’re here to discuss that last point. You don’t need to be a fancy publisher with existing links to journalists to get featured in the press; if you can attract their attention with a solid press release, everything else will be taken care of.

Here are the ten best book press release distribution services and sites for authors to ensure that your magnus opus gets the attention it deserves.

#1. NewswireNEXT

When it comes to book promotion services, be it Kindle book promotion, Amazon book promotion or ebook promotion, NewswireNEXT has become No.1 choice for indie authors and marketers. Not only does it distribute your press release, it allows you as an author to use “As Seen On” with media logos for you and your book.

For just $299 they syndicate your press release in approximately 500 to 600 online news sites, and allow you to use “As Seen On” with Media Logos of all the news sites, where your press release has been syndicated (Example: FOX NBC CBS Affiliates, RFDTV, SNNTV, Digital Journal, and NCN to name a few). As an author, getting featured on such reputed news sites can be a huge advantage for you in terms of marketing and authority.

For more information, visit:

#2. Business Wire

Business Wire is no stranger to the book press release distribution realm and this becomes immediately apparent when you first contact them.

They specialize in an impressive variety of services, from public relations to press release distribution and have been in business for many years now.

When working with them, you will be able to obtain optimal views with multimedia and also track the progress of your distribution online.

Their press release distribution staff is friendly and really efficient and you will no doubt be very pleased with the results obtained.

For more information, visit:

#3. eReleases

Most authors do not have the time to have long meetings with PR agencies, explaining their requirements when it comes to book press release distribution.

If you are looking for a fuss-free yet effective approach, you might want to consider looking at eReleases, which prides itself on its simple approach.

That being said, your press release will reach all the major newswires throughout their extensive network so you don’t have to worry about lack of exposure.

They offer a wide range of well-priced packages and it is easy to select the right one for your book.

For more information, visit:

#4. PR Newswire

As an author, you need a partner to work with you who has a good understanding of what it takes to market your book effectively.

PR Newswire (News - Alert) is part of the Cision group of companies and boasts an excellent reputation in the PR field.

They will be able to market your book in any country as they have a very international footprint and work with some key global partners in the world.

For more information, visit:

#5. Pressat

Pressat is a UK-based press release distribution agency but they have a worldwide presence and offer online consultations if you are unable to visit them in their offices.

If you decide to work with this reputable agency, all you need to do is complete their easy, online form, tick the boxes that are applicable to you, and you are good to go!

Many authors have worked with them to date and you will find it very difficult to find complaints about them!

Their relaxed yet hardworking approach has meant that they have many repeat clients and they would love to hear from you if you’re looking to distribute a press release about your book.

In terms of price, they have many different options and will likely be able to work within your budget and timeframe.

For more information, visit:

#6. RealWire

Realwire is a well-known international PR agency that is well-versed on all aspects of online media. Should you decide to work with them, you will have the peace of mind that you have made a great choice as they are one of the UK’s foremost agencies.

Their team of book press release distribution specialists can effectively take your book and distribute it via the right channels to give it the acclaim that it deserves.

They have a range of cost-effective packages that you can choose from and you’ll be surprised at how little it costs for a great service!

Simply send them a message and get started!

For more information, visit:

#7. Pitchengine

As an author, it is only natural to worry about how your press release distribution agency is going to handle spreading the news about your publication. Pitchengine understands this and will have an initial consultation with you to determine what your perfect target audience is and how quickly you want to market the book.

After this, you can literally leave them to their own devices and trust them with the press release distribution element of your book. In only a short space of time, you will be amazed at the results and will be pleased that you decided to work with them!

In addition, you will be assigned a Pitchengine staff member who will keep you updated throughout and help you to reach your targets (and more).

For more information, visit:


Some people don’t enjoy working with large corporations where you feel like you are just another number. Accesswire’s team will immediately make you feel like you are a part of their professional family and go out of their way to ensure that news about your book reaches the right eyes and ears.

Like most PR agencies, they are not restricted to only one country and can work with clients from anywhere in the world.

To date, they have published over 200 thousand articles, achieved over 100 million engaged clicks and accumulated over 3000 distribution points, making them an impressive agency indeed.

For more information, visit:

#9. HARO

Looking for a book press release distribution agency that does things a little differently and embraces the modern, technical age? HelpAReporter ticks all these boxes and can work with you, regardless of where you are located in the world.

They work with authors and the average person on the street on a daily basis and will help you to reach your marketing objectives. If you don’t know which target audience to focus on, they can give you some great advice and formulate a book PR plan for you going forward.

If you are on a budget, HelpAReporter might be a good option for you as their prices are really affordable ad you get a lot of value for money.

If you are interested in working with them, just send them a message and they will be in touch shortly.

For more information, visit:

#10. PRgloo

PRgloo is a newcomer to the press release distribution world, but this doesn’t mean that they are inferior!

Since their inception, they have worked with the likes of Siemens (News - Alert), Nationwide, 2K, GoCompare, Easyjet and more.

With their proven track record of excellent customer service and attention to detail, you will be confident that they will handle your job with the utmost professionalism and care.

Their press release experts are especially helpful and can suggest strategies that you may not even have thought about. Definitely something to consider, especially if you are publishing a book for the first time.

For more information, visit:


As can be seen from the above list, there is a wealth of book press release distribution agencies and book promotion sites that can help you to market your book.

We recommend selecting one that caters to your individual needs as an author and who you feel would understand your needs.

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