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August 16, 2021

Healthcare BPO Philippines

It is not news that the Philippines has become one of the top outsourcing destinations and call center capital of the world. More specifically, they have become the world’s second largest Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination. This is because they have the best balance of cost, cultural alignment, fluency in English, and general ease of doing business. This industry is a substantial contributor to the country’s GDP, employing over 1.2 million people. Let’s look at the compelling reasons why the Philippines is the world’s leading BPO destination, especially for healthcare-related companies.

The Philippines is a low-cost country that possesses a vast pool of highly skilled and medically trained workers.

A big reason why companies outsource in any capacity is the reduced costs. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the Philippines is notably low. A company’s onshore operational costs are vastly diminished when labor and overhead expenses are subtracted. No longer needing to provide workspace for employees eliminates a major monthly cost. This includes furniture, equipment, and utilities as well.

The cost of labor in the Philippines is roughly 60% lower than in the US, but the lower cost does not correspond to skillsets of the labor force. A Department of Education initiative has focused on improved training to produce a steady stream of highly skilled working professionals. In regard to healthcare, specifically, there are more than 500,000 registered nurses and other healthcare professionals working in the Philippines alone, making the country an attractive outsourcing destination for healthcare organizations of all sizes in the US.

Leading US healthcare providers outsource to the Philippines.

You know something has to be working when the top US healthcare providers are all outsourcing to the Philippines. One of the reasons is that both the healthcare and insurance systems in the Philippines are closely patterned after those found in the US.

United Healthcare Group has established a truly well-oiled captive operation in the Philippines that employs more than 10,000 Filipinos. Other large US healthcare and insurance companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Cigna have been outsourcing their front- and back-office requirements to the Philippines for many years now, all with great success. The stream of US companies that are utilizing is constant. According to Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, “Healthcare business process outsourcing to the Philippines is booming. We have seen an exponential increase in inquiries from US-based healthcare organizations over the last twelve months. The large majority of service requests came from small and mid-sized healthcare providers. We expect this trend to continue.”

When you decide to outsource to the Philippines, you have the opportunity to connect with PITON-Global. The company is a leading mid-sized outsourcing provider that specializes in the healthcare field. This award-winning provider has partnered with healthcare clients from the US, Australia, and the UK for over twenty years. “The large majority of healthcare providers that contact us need help to support their growth. Highly educated and medically trained agents, the ability to scale support programs quickly, and HIPAA compliance are the primary concerns of these companies. For healthcare clients, especially during times like these, cost savings are not the main driver for going offshore. And that's very seldom the case in the world of offshore BPO,” says Ellspermann. 

The reasons above are only a handful of positives when deciding whether or not to outsource healthcare BPO services in the Philippines. Philippine BPOs, PITON-Global among them, are reliably well-run companies ready to improve the productivity of your business and save you money along the way.

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