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July 27, 2021

LED Neon Lights - The New Take on Vintage Tech

It seems like neon lighting has been around forever. This form of lighting first emerged in America during the 1940s, which became extremely popular for businesses all around the globe. In recent years, neon lighting isn’t as popular as it once was, and most businesses seem to be using different forms of lighting to advertise and promote their businesses.

Although traditional neon lighting is not as popular as it was in the past, LED neon products have been selling fast. Traditional glass neon lighting can cause a lot of issues, and it is banned in certain states in America. However, it's not just businesses that are using LED neon lighting products, but the average person too.

Traditional Neon Lights Vs. LED Neon Lights

There are lots of reasons so many businesses and people are investing in LED neon lights for both commercial and personal usage such as:

  • LED neon lights last three times longer: One of the reasons why so many businesses used glass neon lighting was because it tended to last a very long time. People could expect their neon glass light to last for approximately 10,000 hours, however, when LED neon lights arrived on the market, consumers were delighted to find out they lasted around 30,000 hours. Consumers felt that LED neon lights were much better value for money than traditional lights.
  • LED neon lights are really easy to install:  For most people who understand the basics of DIY, it won’t take them long to figure out how to set up and install LED neon lights. There are plenty of videos on streaming services like YouTube (News - Alert) helping those learn how to install a neon LED light. However, if you are installing a traditional neon light you will need to hire a trained expert who knows what they are doing.
  • LED neon lights are more durable: People have to be very careful when they are fixing or replacing glass neon lights. These are often extremely fragile, and if a person were to drop them on a solid surface, they will more than likely smash into tiny pieces. A lot of LED neon lighting products are flexible and tough, so you don’t have to be extra cautious when you are handling them. The chances of these products breaking when dropped on a solid surface is highly unlikely.

It is not surprising that so many folks are replacing their old neon lights with LED neon lights.

Neon LED lights are better for the Environment and they are Safer

Nowadays, there are plenty of rules and regulations in the workplace to make sure employees work in a safe environment, however, in the past, most businesses didn’t have to follow these strict guidelines as these rules were not enforced by law. A big issue that many neon light manufacturers found was that there was often an issue with mercury contamination among their employees. Some workers found themselves breathing in heated mercury on a regular basis. Due to the regular exposure to the harmful chemical, a lot of these workers became very sick, and some even died. Being exposed to these dangerous chemicals could lead to heavy mercury poisoning.

Unlike traditional neon lights, LED lights do not have any mercury. They also don’t have heavy metal poisons, which make them a much safer alternative for manufacturers and their employees.

They use very little energy to light up, which encourages businesses and those purchasing LED lights for personal use to purchase LED products. Not only is it better for the environment, but LED lights will help you save money. It seems like more people than ever before are concerned about the environment, so investing in LED neon lights can prove to be an environmentally friendly purchase.

LED lights are cheap to repair, and operating costs are very low. They require little to no maintenance, so owners don’t have much to worry about.

Neon LED Lights are Readily Available in 2021

Before, trying to find a company that made neon lights proved difficult, however, thanks to the world wide web, there are several online companies supplying people with Neon signs from Neon Mama. Because most distributors were afraid traditional neon lights would break while they were being transported from one area to the next, very few people bought them from other countries. However, LED neon lights are a lot more durable, so consumers and sellers don’t have to worry about sending them abroad.

With so many online stores stocking a wide variety of different types of LED neon lights, consumers have a lot of choices. Most people can afford these lights because these online businesses are constantly trying to compete with one another. They can deliver these products all around the globe, and they will use secure packaging so the lights won’t get damaged while they are being transported.

Who Uses These LED Neon Lights?

There are plenty of people using neon lights as they are ideal for a lot of different places such as:

  • A bar: Bars have been using traditional neon lights for the last eighty years or so. These lights can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and they stick out to help advertise the bar. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, bars around the world were forced to shut their doors to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus. A lot of folks missed the bar scene, so more people than ever before are making a bar in their homes. To give the home bar a retro feel, many have invested in a LED neon light.
  • Bedrooms: Most teenagers love LED neon lights. They can choose from a wide range of different lights online, or a lot of sites allow them to create their own. Custom neon lights give people a chance to make their own lighting. If they wish to create a light with their name in it, they can.
  • Coffee shops: Plenty of modern coffee shops are using neon lights to help their business stand out. They often use these lights to advertise certain products, and the lights often display a slogan like ‘hot coffee’ or ‘ice cold drinks’.

People of all ages can enjoy these modern neon lights.


With so many shops selling neon LED products, it might be worth your while shopping around. Consider asking the store for a specific detailed quote, and if they don’t stock the correct size or the exact product you want, ask to see if they will custom a light for you. LEDs can use a wide variety of colors, so even if you can’t find the colors online, you should consider asking the manufacturer if you can change the original colors. Although you might find yourself out of pocket after purchasing the LED light, keep in mind that there is very little maintenance required and that the light should last for a very long time. In the long run, investing in a LED neon sign makes sense.

Don’t assume all LED brands are the same. Some are better quality than others, so consider researching each brand before you spend your hard earned money. You might have to spend a little bit extra on a brand that is manufactured by a reliable company.

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