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July 26, 2021

Why a Workplace App Is Now More Important Than Ever Before

Most business owners understand the importance of technology in the workplace. It can assist with process automation while also contributing to higher profit and productivity levels in various ways.

However, one piece of technology is slowly emerging as a key favorite among innovative companies, and that’s workplace apps. For new and existing employees, they are proving to be incredibly helpful. Find out why below.

Assists With a Return-to-Work Strategy

If your business has been working hard to activate your return to work strategy after several months of remote working, you may find some parts of the process are a logistical nightmare.

You might be experiencing limitations on how many staff members you can have in one place while also fielding requests from those who wish to remain at home. A workplace app can make sure you’re on top of the entire process.

A specific workplace app with geofences, Bluetooth beacons, and maps, can allow you to organize which employees can work where while also including a variety of location-based tools to tap into.

Connect With All Staff

It can sometimes be challenging to send out company-wide messages, especially if you don’t know whether you have everyone’s contact information. Making it even more challenging is knowing that not all employees are desk-based, nor is everyone checking their emails consistently.

Workplace apps that send out notifications to all employees’ mobile devices can solve that problem. You can relay important messages and solve tech barriers while also making sure those remote workers and non-desk employees feel included.

Avoid Email Fatigue

Employees have to field hundreds of emails every week. When most bear no relevance to their daily work, it’s easy to use that ‘delete’ button a little too much and allow important company communications to fall through the cracks.   Workplace apps offer companies an alternative way to be noticed. They can cut through the day’s noise and put their own messages front and center, ahead of other email marketing materials filtering through.

Workplace Flexibility

In the past, employees could only remain productive if they were sitting at their desks in the communal office, with a clunky computer connected to a big server. They may have even only been able to take and make calls on a desk phone. Since then, we’ve come a long way with cloud servers, laptops, and business cell phones. However, workplace apps are allowing us to advance even further.

Employers learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that remote access was necessary for their staff to continue working as expected. They may not have been able to access everything they needed, but kinks were ironed out over time.

Workplace apps now provide a centralized area for everyone to access the data and resources they require. In a sense, they are a digital water cooler.

Employees can read those company-wide alerts, officially request time off work, find copies of important documents, and even carry out their own health assessments before entering the office. In past years, all of this would have required a visit to the office.

Even though we already have several communication methods at our disposal, workplace apps are proving to be a worthwhile extra. Whether you’re putting together a return-to-work strategy or trying to create a more cohesive workplace, a workplace app may be how you do just that.

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