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July 13, 2021

Tips on Maximizing Facebook for Your Business

Your ideal customers spend the majority of their time on their phones. A significant number of your potential customers are on social media platforms. These social media consumers engage with people, companies and brands that they like. Similarly, these platforms are for free, and your target market is already there, waiting for the next big thing. It is up to you as a business owner to make the splash and make that sale. The social media platform boasts a plethora of potential for your business and your brand.

Here is a guide to making Facebook (News - Alert) work to your advantage as a successful and profitable business.

The name is everything

Be visible on all platforms. Set up a business account or pages with your username and URL as close as to your business name as possible. In this way, your potential customers can easily find you online. Suggested platforms are Instagram, Facebook, Linked In or YouTube (News - Alert). Set yourself or one of your partners as administrators so they can contribute with the following and at the same time collaborate with the posts.

After setting up the account, enter a bio or link to your online shop or website. Add in your logo as your display photo and get on with it. Before going live, consider exploring the AWS diagram for your business’ cloud management and security needs.

Facebook for you

Facebook is one of the pioneer social media platforms. It has significant user traffic of a billion daily, with active users at over two billion per month. If your ideal customers are in any of the social media platforms, he is most probably on Facebook. This social media platform offers a feature of targeting your market and audiences via advertisement placements. This feature uses an algorithm that engages with people similar to the users interested in your organic post.

Post and share

Once a Facebook user likes your page, they want to be looped in with your offerings, future promotions, daily updates and whatnot. Therefore, you must keep them engaged. By trial and error, post content that you think resonates with them by bringing in engagements, shares and impressions. Then, once you have established the content that sells, keep sharing in such away.

Timing is everything

It does not mean that sharing is free. You can dominate this activity ten times a day. Often the more you post, the lesser engagements you can achieve. Keep it at bay, at once a day. Posting less frequently is the optimal rate for any business. Consider the amount of content that you have to promote. Posting too much bombards users with information about you, running the risk of un-liking your page. On the other hand, posting too little can disengage your followers.

Boost engagement by staying true to the values of your brand. Be strategic with your posts and make sure it provides valuable content – a glimpse of your brand identity. They followed your business for a reason. As a result, you have the responsibility as a business to keep them engaged. Post content relevant to them to consume and to maintain a relationship with your brand.

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