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July 09, 2021

What is Software Localisation and why is it important for you

Software localisation is more than simply translating text and words. It is a process of adapting software to the demands of your intended target groups. This includes linguistics, but also concerns the culture, customs and habits of the end user. Read on if you want to know more about software localisation and the implementation of it.

What is software localisation?

Software localisation is the adaption of your software product to the requirements of your end-user in another country. Translation is just one aspect of this process. If you want to want to make your software product is suitable for another specific target group, you need to make sure that cultural aspects are considered.

Why do you need software localisation?

At first you will not expect that many adjustments are required when you want to adapt your software to different users. Still, software localisation can be a big and time-consuming process. To start, you need to adjust dates, times, currencies to whatever is required for that specific country. Also, the way people interact with your product can differ significantly between cultures. Therefore, the interface of the product should be adjusted according to the customs of the relevant culture. People interact better with things that look familiar to them. It helps to create a better experience for the end- user and leads to more satisfied customers. For example, studies have shown that Asian users prefer interfaces with more animations and colours while European users prefer interfaces that contain factual and structured information presentation. These differences should be considered when you want to optimize user-experience and make the product appealing for a larger group.

Get some help from a professional translation agency

Software localisation can help to expand your reach and make your product more appealing to a larger public. Still, it is a time-consuming process, and it requires specific skills. It is almost impossible to know all about the specific adaptations that are needed to satisfy the needs of the intended target group. It is therefore a good idea to get some help from a professional translation agency. At the translation agency they have a lot of experience with software translation and optimizing usability for users in specific target groups. They can assure you the translation of your software is accurate. Also, they can help you achieving a good software usability for the intended audience.

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