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June 29, 2021

Black Hat Network - The Freelancers Future Marketplace?

The number of freelancers across the globe has risen to new heights through the current pandemic. That is hardly a surprise, given the fact that so many people had to start working from home, and some even lost their job completely. However, with the apparent inability to open up brick and mortar stores in their areas, they have all begun looking towards the internet for business opportunities.

That influx of people to the internet world has created numerous requirements for digital goods, both supply and demand. We have seen the rise of people searching for money-making methods and new businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, coupled with the fact that cryptocurrency has had a lot of attention in recent years, people are more concerned with where their money is going and not wanting to spend so much on fees that the regular freelancer sites require.

Black Hat Network wants to change how we think about digital assets and combine digital money and digital services into one platform - something never seen before. Could BH.Network the future marketplace for freelancers?

Back To Normality For People - A Different Normality for Freelancers

While it is getting back to a normal lifestyle with meeting up with people, online work is still growing. However, a lot of large companies are sticking to their “work from home” strategy. That means we are all still in a position to obtain digital goods from online marketplaces. That is especially true when it comes to the people who lost their jobs during the worst economic crisis many of us have ever seen.

Many of the people looking for those digital goods need to pay fees, and they can quickly mount up to vast sums of money. Not to mention the costs that the seller has to pay, too.

A group of business owners and freelancers want to change that. They want to create a different type of marketplace for people worldwide, especially those who want the convenience of cryptocurrency.

So How Will A Crypto Marketplace Change The Way People Work?

The Black Hat Network team believes that they can create equal opportunities for everyone who wants to buy and sell digital products. Their goal is to create a marketplace using the Elrond Blockchain network, which would significantly lower fees for everyone involved.

Furthermore, they will incorporate some completely different processes compared to some of the usual marketplaces that we have heard about. They will include moderators and specialists in each field to resolve customer disputes, an Escrow system to ensure that there are no illicit chargebacks, and, of course, paying with cryptocurrency will open the world of freelancers far beyond what fiat financial industries will allow.

People will no longer need to pay for their products through typical banking methods. Therefore, there will be no restrictions on cross-border transactions, no fees for currency conversions, and almost zero wait time for proof of funds.

The speed, security, and availability that blockchain technology has already given us have proven itself in many ways. However, that change has not appeared in the commerce world yet. Black Hat Network could be the stepping stone into the world of real, appliable, and useful commerce payments that could change the world.

Why Do Other Platforms Not Accept Cryptocurrency?

Many other freelancing websites are available to people, but they do not accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. So the question is; why?

There is no official “reason” why those other, large platforms only accent fiat currency. However, some trains of thought would be reasonable answers. For example, Fiverr does not accept crypto, even though they used to, as Isreal changed their law to include all forms as a financial asset.

Other people have tried to create platforms based around blockchain technology, but they have often been met by stumbling blocks, leaving them unfinished projects. Are there other platforms in the making? Will they create something never done before? Only time will tell.

Bottom line

It is not a matter of will the world of finance change, it is a matter of when, and some countries and businesses are more willing to push that change than others.

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