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June 29, 2021

The Concept of Mobile and Laptop Sports Betting

How Our Mobile Phones and Laptops Help Sports Betting

It is easier to bet online more than ever before. In the past, you would need to take a trip to the nearest Sportsbook to place your bet. Online Sportsbooks have taken advantage of improved mobile technology to launch betting software and mobile apps.

Punters now have the convenience to place their bets anywhere and anytime. The two common options for betting are mobile devices and computers. Mobile betting is way more common compared to betting on laptops.  We will examine the full detail in this guide.

Sports Betting On a Laptop

People have used computers for many activities for decades. Nobody really saw the likelihood of being able to use a computer to place bets. Today, it’s possible. Most of us have desktop computers and laptops in our homes.

One of the biggest advantages of betting on your laptop is the widescreen area. The large screen means that you can navigate easily from one tab to the other. It is also easier to maintain a professional setup and attitude while gambling on your laptop or desktop computer.

The downside is that desktop computers are immovable. Laptops are relatively big compared to mobile phones. We don’t take our laptops with us everywhere we go.

Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile Sports betting has been growing at an alarming rate among Sports bettors. Smartphones and tablets help people to communicate easily between ends of the globe. There is hardly any bookmaker that doesn’t have a mobile app or site.

Evelyn Balyton is an expert analyst who has decades of experience in various segments of the online gambling industry, including sports betting.

How to Place Bet On Your Mobile Device

There is no all-encompassing way to place bets on a mobile phone. This is because different sportsbook sites have different layouts. Here are the common steps that people follow to place their bets on mobile devices.

  • Login to your account on the Sportsbook’s mobile app or site. If you don’t have an account, create one.
  • Navigate to the sports section and choose the one you want.
  • Select the exact game you want.
  • Input your wager amount in the appropriate section and validate it.

Pros of Mobile Sports Betting


Mobile phones allow you to bet anywhere and anytime. You can be inside a train or taxi while placing your bets. All you have to do is to go to the Sportsbook’s website or download its app. Most of the Sportsbooks have mobile apps. Irrespective of the bookmaker you choose, you will have access to a mobile site.

Quick Transactions and Instant Access

It can be quite stressful to log in to your betting profile on your laptop. Most of us have our smartphones in our hands almost every minute. It only takes a few seconds to sign in to your account. Thanks to biometric sensors, we can even use our face IDs and fingerprints for easy access. It is also easier and quicker to place bets on a mobile phone.

Versatility and Effective Services

Sportsbooks don't usually attach any charge to betting on a mobile device. On the plus side, you have access to every bonus offer and promotion. Live streaming of games is also not a problem. In summary, browsing on a mobile device does not shortchange you in any way.

Cons of Sports Betting On Mobile Devices

Smaller Screen Area and Poor Website Optimization

Sports betting sites have tried to optimize their sites for mobile betting. Some sites load properly on mobile phones while others do not. However, the interface of most smartphones and tablets is still not as good as that of full-screen computers. The screen of a mobile device is significantly smaller. It is easier to misclick icons.

Problem Gambling/Gambling Addiction

Compulsive betting is a difficulty for a significant portion of bettors. People stake so much money at the expense of their careers, jobs, and family. Five out of every 100 gamblers have a gambling addiction. Mobile betting is making this condition worse. Since we have our phones in our hands almost all day, it is hard to stay away from staking on games.

Top Four Mobile Sportsbooks


This Sportsbook offers an optimized betting experience. You won’t see annoying pictures or ads. Their mobile site’s UI is friendly and beautiful. Bovada mobile Sportsbook is one of the few sites that can allow you to create an account on their mobile sites.

Punters can play almost all major sports. You can wager on basketball, baseball, football, and other sports. The odds for matches refresh automatically if you are using a good browser. Bovada’s live betting option is also good.


BetOnline Sportsbook has a functional and efficient mobile site. You can make withdrawals and deposits on their app. They also allow users to log in quickly by scanning a QR code on their desktop website. Sometimes, BetOnline offers bonuses to players just for betting on their mobile site.

They also provide a wide range of sports for prospective punters. Click here to read up on the best online betting Philippines platforms.

William Hill

William Hill mobile Sportsbook is full of high-quality and functional features. Their mobile app has a consistent performance on android and iOS. The app also gives bettors access to William Hill’s in-house radio for receiving professional analysis on games.

If you are a new customer, you have access to a special promo. You can also get access to customer service with William Hill mobile app. There is also a panel to see updated results and scores of games.


Bet365 is one of the most popular gambling bookmakers in the UK and the world. Their mobile app has user-friendly features that give room for easy navigation on their website. It also gives room for live streaming and in-play betting.

Android (News - Alert) and iOS users can download the app from bet365’s website and iTunes respectively. Players using Windows and Blackberry will have to log in via a mobile browser. Bet365’s mobile sportsbook also covers a wide range of major sporting events.


Desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones have gone a long way to make sports betting easy. With the way things stand, mobile betting is the future. The convenience and fun of betting on mobile devices are the reason for this. Also, smartphone technology is bound to keep improving.

While this is a good thing, we will have to deal with a larger percentage of gambling addicts. Gambling commissions will need to set up programs to help such people. Let’s just enjoy this moment and see the way things will go.

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