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June 22, 2021

Rob Carducci Explains The Role Of A Copywriter

Copywriting vs. Blogging

Freelance writing is a large umbrella for several types of professions. For example, copywriters, content writers, and bloggers may all work as freelancers. While the term “freelancer” describes the structure of payment and work schedule, copywriters and bloggers describe the actual work.

Blogging is part of the content marketing industry. This means that a writer is ultimately helping a business or company draw potential clients to their site. Blog posts are approximately 500 words and can be written in a conversational style. Ultimately, blogging is a way to attract potential customers.

Copywriting is also a form of marketing but can be used in multiple forms. Copywriting is usually shorter and persuasive. This type of writing focuses on search engine optimization as well as keyword research. Copywriting is strategically delivered to try to get people to take action. If blogging is marketing, copywriting is sales.

Types Of Copywriting

There are specialties within the copywriting industry. Depending on the specific niche needed, these writers can excel in specific departments.

Technical Copywriting

Technical copywriters are not the same as technical writers. Instead, technical copywriters write to promote technical services and products. By combining the necessary understanding of new technology with conversational language that’s easy to read, these writers act as bridges. The goal of a technical copywriter is to be as brief as possible, while helping others understand the product or service.

Creative Copywriting

A creative copywriter focuses heavily on advertising. This can include everything from the digital realm to more traditional mediums such as TV or radio. As a result, they have a wealth of knowledge on their customer base and understand precise timing.

SEO Copywriting

SEO skills are necessary for almost every copywriter now. For an in-depth knowledge of SEO practices, these copywriters can help with online advertising. By incorporating keyword research to rank first in a Google (News - Alert) search, a copywriter mixes marketing strategies with sales. Strategic thinking is a critical aspect of running a successful business.

The Role Of A Copywriter

Robert Carducci knows the value of successful copywriting. A copywriter that can write convincingly can greatly help a client’s business.

A copywriter may also be a part of the creative organizational process. For example, many copywriters are in charge of brainstorming concepts or creating storyboards to develop a clear communication strategy.

These strategies can be used in a variety of forms. Mediums may include TV, radio, print, and digital. Each medium requires knowledge of that specific marketing industry and audience. For example, one advertising campaign may succeed exceedingly well in a print magazine while failing in online mediums. Multiple campaigns may be necessary, depending on the strategy.

A copywriter will typically spend time researching a topic. This can be done through studies published online or even live interviews. Research must be correct and acquired through reputable sources before being put to use in a campaign. For example, figuring out how to persuade a specific audience may take the addition of images instead of plain text.

What Are The Skills Necessary To Succeed?

A copywriter will help a company succeed by motivating potential consumers. While this is not the only professional in the advertising business that makes a significant difference, the profession is critical for communication.

A variety of writing skills are necessary for this job because of the various target audiences. For example, a copywriter can write in a conversational, professional, serious, or even humorous tone. Depending on the target audience, they should be able to relate to that demographic to be channeled.

Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are crucial for this job. A copywriter will help a business look professional by providing an error-free copy. Small phrases such as “anyway” or “any way” can negatively impact a company if it is misused. Without hiring a copywriter, there is an increased risk of a sloppy copy.

Copywriting In A Digital World

As advertising has moved online, copywriters have grown accustomed to the changing atmosphere. Social media and mass email copy are frequently used to help persuade target audiences.

Using digital platforms involves a new set of actions. For example, a call to action based online can include clicking, signing up for a newsletter, sending a message, and purchasing a service or product. Working with other professionals in the marketing department can help writers understand their metrics and data.

A digital copywriter may occasionally be responsible for sourcing images. This is a time-saving task for companies in multiple industries. Finding the perfect image can take time, and not every image is available for public use. A copywriter will see a specific image that will not run the risk of legal infringement.

Is Copywriting Necessary?

Copywriting is a critical skill in the marketplace. Whereas bloggers provide information, copywriting is focused primarily on sales. However, by persuading potential or existing customers to complete a call to action, they are an integral part of any business.

Rob Carducci is a seasoned advertising creative director based in New York, NY. Since a key part of the advertising industry involves writing, the specific skills of a copywriter are important. A copywriter, Robert Carducci notes, is not the same as any other writer.

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