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June 17, 2021

Tips To Boost Conversion Rate At Every Stage Of Your Sales Funnel

Watching your prospect move effortlessly through the sales funnel is very gratifying. The feeling however, is still a far-fetched dream for several businesses. While most businesses manage to lead their prospect through the initial stages, customers tend to drop out of the funnel, putting the entire efforts in vain.

Although a hard nut to crack, getting real conversions is not impossible. These easy tips might help you boost the conversion rate at every stage of the sales funnel.

Step 1- Awareness Stage

The first stage in the sales funnel is the awareness stage. It is also the essential stage in the funnel because how would you move your prospect in the funnel unless they are aware of your offerings.

Here are a few tips to enhance brand awareness and magnetize new prospects.

  • Create a blog

Educate your audience about your product with informative and interesting blogs. Write about everything related to your products or services. Keep your posts direct and informative- the kind that answers all the questions. Also, ensure that your posts are engaging and interesting- the kind that compels the prospects to discover more.

Keep updating the blog regularly. You may also collaborate with a marketing strategist to help boost your blog’s and business’ reach even more.

  • Use social media

Social media is a powerful tool to promote business. Moreover, today, people want social proof. Cementing a strong presence is necessary to carve a safe spot in the heart of the audience. It makes it easy for your prospects to trust you.

Register your presence on social media channels and be at the disposal of your prospects.

  • Use PPC campaigns

Under these campaigns, you pay websites for spreading your word. The websites post your ads, and you are bound to pay when someone clicks on the ad (pay per click!). It is a great strategy for driving traffic to the landing pages.

Stage 2- Consideration stage

In this stage, you engage your prospects in your offerings and encourage them to trust you. You try to capture their email address at this stage.

Here are the tricks that work.

  • Create a landing page

Landing pages are the pages on the website that counter specific problems. Create a landing page to direct the traffic. Add a call to action button.

Get the contact information of your prospects.

  • Add an impactful call to action (CTA)

The entire drill is about getting the prospect to do what you want. Create an impactful “call to action” and strategically place them several times on the page.

  • Provide comment or contact forms

Comment forms or contact forms allow you to add many subscribers to your list. Encourage your visitors to sign for your email newsletter by adding an option in the form or confirmation page.

Stage 3- Preference stage

When you manage to attract your prospects and engage them in your offering, the next step is to give them a clear account of your products and services. Tell them as much as they need to know and answer their questions.

The crux is letting them understand that your offerings are a perfect fit for them. Here is how to do it:

  • Send an email

A simple email can help you explain your business or offerings to your prospects. Add subscribers and send them an automated email loaded with relevant information.

Start with sending them answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Use CRM software

Customer Relationship Software or CRM is software that allows you to track your prospects in the sales funnel. This software comes with various tools that help you gauge your next move. Based on retargeting and cookie detection, you can figure out the email campaigns to send to your prospect.

Based on your customer's information, you can enhance your content and personalize it to their taste.

Stage 4- Purchase stage

It is the stage where you compel your prospects to purchase your offerings. These strategies help you make good sales.

  • Drive them to purchase

Assuming that your prospects know enough about you to find their way to the product is a mistake you can’t afford to make. If you abandon your prospects, they will abandon you in no time.

Although your prospects have visited your website, you still need to press them to buy your product or services. And for this, you need to make it easy for them to find your products or services. Next, add live chat to address the problems of your potential customers. Provide offers they can’t refuse, such as discounts on the first purchase or free shipping.

Keep informing them about your new products and promotions. Also, make sure to keep reminding them about your offerings until they press the “buy now” button.

  • Targeted promotion

At this stage, do targeted promotion. For instance, if a prospect abandons the shopping cart without buying anything or a customer keeps viewing a particular product without making the next move, offer them perks, such as free shipping.

Stage 5- Loyalty stage

Even after you convert your prospects into customers, keep investing your energy in them to make them your loyal customers.

By engaging your existing customers, you enhance conversions in the loyalty stage. Here are some tips that will help you keep the interest of your existing customers and persuade them to make another purchase.

  • Create a referral program

Request your customers to refer your products or services to their friends or family in return for discounts on their next purchase.

  • Send reminders to resell

Remind your existing customers about the products they have bought to make them purchase the same or similar products again.

  • Celebrate with them

Wish your customers on their birthdays or anniversaries, and offer them a free product or discount if they purchase something on their birthday or anniversary month.

  • Say “thank you”

Gratitude always goes a long way! Thank your customer for purchasing with you. It’ll create a warm and positive image of your brand in their mind.

The bottom line

Your sales funnel offers you many opportunities at every stage to lead your prospects further and make conversions. Use these tips to boost the conversion rate at every stage and let us know how they fared for you!

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