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May 15, 2021

A story of Tesla from 100 BTC to 1 BTC in 5 years only!


Not so long ago a person named Satoshi Nakamoto came up with a concept of digital currency known by the name of Bitcoin cryptocurrency and presented it to the public in 2010. At that time it was a currency that can be used for trading . For example, a person who used the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency network, purchased two pizzas out of his 10 Bitcoins.

Bitcoins jumping high

 At that time no one was aware even not satoshi Nakamoto about the upcoming astonishing and marvelous future of Bitcoin cryptocurrency that will leave the world in shock and amusement. On the ten years ago Bitcoins were used to buy pizzas and now we are standing in 2021 when you can use Bitcoins and can buy a car from the most expensive car agency around The World known by the name of Tesla.

Tesla and Co took a very bold step like many other ventures and agencies around the globe by allowing their customers to use Bitcoin cryptocurrency to buy cars from them. They issued this statement on 25th March 2021 and from that time the price and rates of Bitcoin cryptocurrency are blowing out high and high.

Tesla making its own payment network

Tesla car company not only allowed its customers to use Bitcoin cryptocurrency as a source of payment but they also did other alluring actions by developing their own Bitcoin payment network through which people can pay them without using any third agency wallets for third party networking systems. They introduced such a network in which the custody and service of payments will remain under their authority and no other person not even any wallet agency will be involved in the deal and payments accept the person buying the car and Tesla agency selling the car.

Buy Tesla at a rate of 1 BTC

as we know that Bitcoin cryptocurrency has recently crossed 60000 US dollars and it is pretty much clear that you can buy a Tesla car in less than 1 Bitcoin. This means that a single Bitcoin is more than enough to purchase you a beautiful and astonishing card from Tesla.

Just for comparison 5 your back at least 100 Bitcoins were needed to buy a car from electric car company Tesla and now here we are in a time when you can buy a Tesla in only less than 1 Bitcoin. To learn more about it please visit bitcoin prime.

Why do people prefer using Bitcoins?

Using Bitcoin cryptocurrency for purchasing things online can benefit you in a number of ways and the most amazing thing about this is that you can use your money without any second balance from any third party on government officials, not even any banks or other payment services. Bitcoin to currency is the most favourite of many traders and purchases around the globe because it works in a total Independent and autonomous fashion without involvement of any third party. People are using Bitcoin cryptocurrency for a number of purposes nowadays some people are using it for holding purposes so that they can earn profit from them and there is another group of people who are using cryptocurrency to buy things online from big ventures and companies like Tesla Apple (News - Alert) store etc.

Using Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not tricky are complicated at all but you cannot deny the fact that using Bitcoin cryptocurrency requires some fundamental skills knowledge and a set of experience that can help you in in doing a fool proof and safe trading in Bitcoin cryptocurrency world without the risk of losing your money at any step.

Be Careful!

You may get attracted or listen it by the charm of using Bitcoin cryptocurrency as this is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that can allow you full decentralization and authority of your money but you should always keep in mind that before using BTC cryptocurrency you should make up your ideas and plans for example why are you using Bitcoin cryptocurrency and for how long you want to hold your Bitcoin in your wallet. This will help you in selecting your Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange and Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet so that you can perfectly make a bitcoin package for your Bitcoin network.

Another thing which is very important before investing into Bitcoin cryptocurrency is all the potential risk associated with Bitcoin cryptocurrency because it is highly elusive and pretty unstable in nature that is why there are some very massive hazards linked with the usage of Bitcoin cryptocurrency like many other digital currency systems.


 As the time is passing and more and more big names are showing their interest in Bitcoin cryptocurrency by allowing their users to pay them in the form of Bitcoins the credibility reputation and authenticity of Bitcoin is increasing day by day along with its prices. Tesla which is a Bank electronic car company is just like a cake on the candle as it helps BTC cryptocurrency to achieve a milestone the base of which has been set by many other big names like Paypal Apple etc.

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