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June 14, 2021

How to Successfully Run Your Tech Business from Home

This past year has seen many a spare room or basement being converted to a makeshift home office. While running your own tech business from home may be ideal in some aspects, for instance, avoiding rush hour traffic, being able to work on your own time etc., working full time from home can be a tricky. Maintaining a balance between home and work is tough as the lines become blurry and you end up spending all day at your computer constantly interrupted by the distractions of home, not being able to do either justice. To ensure home based business success, take a look at these management tips which will help you stay on track.

1. Schedule your day.
One of the biggest problems faced by homebased business owners is that their days lack structure. While working from home on your own business, you are your own boss. Nobody else will check to see whether you are on time, and how many hours you are clocking a day. When you are at home, it is easy to get distracted and waste time as you head to the fridge to grab a snack, talk to your spouse or kids, catch some TV, or start cleaning out your closet.

the other hand, it is also quite possible that you boot up your laptop as soon as you wake up, and get so involved in a work task that you completely neglect any other things that needed to be done. I

t is best to structure your day in a way that your schedule looks a bit like it would had you been working a corporate 9-5 job. Set a time for yourself to start and end each workday, and allocate slots within those hours to achieve specific goals, for instance you could allocate the first hour of the day answering emails, the second prospecting for new clients, third working on your product, and so on. Make a daily to do list and use it to remind yourself of what you need to accomplish each day.

2. Stay connected.

One misconception about homebased businesses is that the owners stay at home all the time. As a business owner, you know that is not true. Use an organizer app on your phone or tablet to keep you connected and organized wherever you go. If your phone is not compatible, consider investing in something that will cater to all your basic needs and allow you to access your information on the go. Another good idea is to get some cloud storage or data hosting on a virtual exchange server so you can easily access it anywhere. A portable internet connection is also a good idea for all the places that don’t have WiFi (News - Alert).

3. Consider Getting A Separate Office Space.
If you have too many distractions at home, like young children or pets that don’t understand the sanctity of a workspace, consider separating the office from your home. While working from home has the benefit that you keep overheads low, but if you have too many people at home sharing the same resources, it can get pretty distracting. It can be very difficult working side by side with other people who are engaged in their own activities, like kids having online classes. Consider moving your office space to a garage or shed if you have one. There are many great shared workspaces in the LA area that you could consider.

When I felt that my business had grown to the point where I couldn’t efficiently manage it from home, I moved the office out of my house and into a rental space. I hired some LA movers who packed and shifted my stuff over so quickly that I lost almost no work time.

Running your own tech business can be very rewarding, as long as you can strike a balance between home life and work.

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» More TMCnet Feature Articles