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June 10, 2021

Questions To Ask While Hiring A Staffing Agency

Today every company wants to find a perfect candidate for themself but couldn’t find time for it. Therefore, one should consider hiring a staffing agency for the task.

If you are relying on a staffing agency for your perfect candidate, you should be cautious about the agency you are hiring. These are some questions that you should ask from an agency before hiring them.

What is your specialized area?

If you have a law firm, you would not want to hire a staffing agency that has expertise in the IT sector. Therefore, one needs to ask about the agency's specialization to make sure they know the field they are hiring for.

Moreover, a specialized agency will have a better and customized screening process than others. Apart from this, they will also have a relevant pool of candidates in their database, which will shorten the hiring process.

What are your services?

A staffing agency provides different kinds of services. The screening process and its duration will vary from service to service.

Therefore, ask your agency whether their services do provide long-term employees too or are their services limited to short-term employees.

Moreover, if you find a perfect agency for yourself, you could initiate talks for partnership, and this will prevent you from changing agencies and smoothen your future recruitments.

Apart from this, before hiring a staffing agency, always ensure that their charges agree with your budget.

How do you reach the right candidate?

One should always ask about the marketing strategy before initiating further talks.  Moreover, how are they planning to reach out to the right kind of candidate in the pool of candidates?

Many agencies use social media marketing, while some use online job websites. Therefore, one needs to closely examine the sources of the agency they are hiring.

What is your recruitment process?

Every staffing agency has a unique recruitment process, and one should select the one which they think is right. Always ask them for a detailed description of their recruitment process, analyze each step.

Always ensure that they do the background check of the candidates. Moreover, you should ask them about their skill sets and how they are planning to sort candidates in the preliminary rounds. Additionally, ask them to list out all the personality traits they would look for in each candidate.

What is a perfect candidate for them?

Ask them about the things they would look for in a perfect candidate. Hire them only if those qualities align with your company's work culture. Therefore, you should only hire them if you agree with their criteria for selection.

How long will it take?

A company that is in urgent need of a candidate would want to find an agency that gives quick service. Therefore, it is important to ask how much time a particular agency will require for the process.

An agency with a large team and advanced technology will obviously take less time. Therefore, one should also consider asking about the team of the agency they are hiring.

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