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June 08, 2021

What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for Your Company?

It is tough to run an ecommerce business, especially if it is still small and you do not have enough staff to handle it. If you're a startup, it may only be you and an assistant sharing the workload. It is a challenge to manage the online store, update your products, source new products, update prices, handle shipping, manage promotions, and control customer support. 

As a business owner, the more vital task for you is to focus on what you do best, running and growing your firm. But of course, someone else has to handle the administrative and routine tasks to keep your business running. 

Discover the benefits of outsourcing

When you are just starting and need a lean workforce to handle the daily activities of running an ecommerce business, you can outsource. Many companies are offering virtual assistants to handle a wide range of tasks. You can find a virtual assistant for ecommerce from a number of reputable companies online, but is one of the best places to find and hire virtual assistants for your ecommerce business. 

A virtual assistant usually has experience in many tasks. For an ecommerce business, you can find some who can run your website while you devote your time to developing strategies to increase your revenue.

Virtual assistant services are available offshore or domestically. They are skilled people who will support your plans and help you improve your productivity at a lower cost than paying for full-time staff. 

What can an ecommerce virtual assistant do for your company?

There is a long list of tasks that a virtual ecommerce assistant can do for you, which will be overwhelming if you were to do them alone. Your key responsibility is to succeed in your company, which will be challenging to do if you are juggling everything.

You can realign your efforts by hiring a virtual assistant who can do these tasks for you.

  • Process orders and shipments. Find a trained assistant who can take over these duties daily. Several assignments are connected to the tasks, such as compiling orders, entering them in the system, updating the orders, adding order tracking information, coordinating shipments and sending customers' invoices to the shippers.
  • Handle inventory and stock management. As an online store, you are always concerned about stock and inventory. There should be a balance since you are a small firm. Using a well-trained virtual ecommerce assistant will help you monitor your inventory, replenish products that are running low, update your product lists and categories, correct errors, and update product information and pricing on your website.
  • Manage exchanges and returns. There is always the chance that a customer will request a product exchange or return the product they bought. It is a time-consuming process. There should be a person who will take charge of the task, and that person should have excellent communication skills, expertise in customer service and solving disputes, attention to detail, and organisation skills.

Other virtual ecommerce assistant tasks

Virtual assistants for ecommerce are highly skilled individuals. Thus, they can help you with customer service tasks, creating and submitting press releases, do market research, and online marketing. You can also find virtual ecommerce assistants who can handle finance management, such as tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll processing, accounts payables, and accounts receivables. 

These tasks not only take time to accomplish. The virtual assistants should also know how to use productivity tools and possess a lot of patience and expert skills.

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