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May 11, 2021

Marketing Your Business on TikTok: Why You Need To Do It

2020 was key for the social media app known as TikTok. With 850 million downloads in that year alone, it's quickly becoming the number one app. 

TikTok acts as a hub for individuals and businesses alike. It's a chance to show your audience a different, unique side of your brand. It doesn't matter if you buy TikTok likes or obtain them organically — your brand's presence needs to be on that app. 

Read why below. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok merged with the company in 2018. No one expected that an app previously used for lip-syncing would transform into such a cultural phenomenon. 

It's an app for innovators. It gives people, and now businesses, the platform to create 15- to 60-second videos. Included is a user-friendly editor, accompanied by filters and unique effects. Of course, it still has ties to its lip-syncing roots. 

Why Market Your Brand On TikTok's Platform?

Aside from being the most downloaded app in 2021, there are plenty of reasons to advertise on the platform. Let's get into them. 

1. Key Demographics 

This platform is your best friend if you want any hope reaching Gen Z and millennial audiences. 

As of March 2021, about 50% of TikTok's users are between 10 and 29. The majority of that number is our Gen Zers, who are estimated to make the largest generation of all. You want their engagement, and this app is how to get it. 

2. Incredible Engagement

TikTok squashes other social media platforms when it comes to engagement. 

Dueting allows users to make a split-screen video alongside other creators. It's highly interactive and one of the many features that attract so much attention to the app. It also deploys an endless scroll feed model, so users are never shown the same thing twice. 

These features undoubtedly contribute to the average 858 minutes each visitor spends on the app per month. Which, by the way, is almost double what it was in 2019. 

3. Wide Reach

Looking to spread brand awareness on a global scale? Use TikTok to do it. The app has a home in 141 countries. It's trendy in Asian countries like Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam. China really takes the cake, though, with 600 million active users — daily. 

4. Video Marketing Boosts Profit

TikTok Marketing offers several ad options, but there's no beating how much audiences love videos. 78% of those utilizing video marketing say it directly increased sales. The same report says 86% of video marketers saw increased website traffic.

5. Consumers Want To Know You

An app like TikTok allows you to show off your brand like never before. It doesn't have to be that perfectly curated Instagram feed — you can show the face behind the business. 

86% of consumers want to see authenticity. The desire for authenticity was a big push for Millennials and Gen Zers (remember who uses this app?). You can promote company values, product development and even give insight into daily life. Just keep your image consistent because consumers like that too. 

Conclusion — Build Your Brand on TikTok Today

TikTok isn't going away anytime soon. If you want to target the largest generation of all time and reach audiences worldwide, it's time to use the platform for marketing. The app boasts extreme engagement levels and a satisfying ROI. Best of all, you offer consumers an authentic glimpse into your brand. 

If you're having trouble getting started, you can always invest in TikTok likes. We won't tell; we promise. 

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