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May 11, 2021

5 Tricks to Optimize the Advertising Strategy on Your Blog

Whether you’re running a blog page you want to become famous or an affiliate marketing page, you need an advertising strategy to make the best of it. There are many ways to generate more traffic, and it all depends on what works for you best.

In this article, we’re going to talk more about five tricks that will optimize your advertising strategy and bring tons of new visitors to your blog. Read on and check out what we have prepared for you.

1. SEO all your pages to perfection

Some websites see millions of visitors every month because they managed to perfect the SEO. You don’t have to compete with them, but doing everything you can to optimize your page for search engines and get more organic visits this way is an excellent strategy.

Pay attention to the on-site SEO, which means optimizing your blog to be fast, readable, containing all meta-tags crucial for search engine crawlers, and having content that will be valuable both to humans and robots.

Choose some of the keywords that are often used in the search queries, and make sure you get on the first page in the SERPs. If you get to the first three positions, you’ll get the most traffic from a particular query inserted in search engines. Having more top positions for different queries means even more visits.

2. Constantly build a network of backlinks

Aside from the on-site SEO, there’s the off-site SEO. The primary off-site strategy is getting backlinks. What does this mean? It means having guest posts on other blogs in which you will include a link to your page.

A guest post on a blog with 100 monthly visitors and a guest post on The New York Times is not the same, though. Having backlinks from notable websites with higher domain authority is what you should be aiming for. That will provide perfect SEO and more visitors from these pages.

3. Try a native advertising software

Some blog owners decide to buy visits and raise the popularity of the blog. This is not a bad strategy, but it needs to be done right. People don’t like cold marketing ads but prefer native content written by real people rather than copywriters who will do everything to get the message through.

Trying native advertising is an excellent idea for those who have the time to write hundreds of blog posts. With today’s technology, though, online programs do the job for you. Just find the right software.

4. Run occasional PPC campaigns

PPC or Pay Per Click is great for getting instant traffic. However, some keywords placed in search engines can be highly expensive, and it’s not wise to run these campaigns all the time because you might be losing more than you’re profiting.

The best is to balance between getting organic and paid visits. Run occasional PPC campaigns and make sure that the people coming through the paid reach will be interested in your content and products. Make sure they will stay after they first discover your online presence.

5. Use an ad tracker if you run an affiliate site

If you’re using an affiliate marketing website, you know how important visitors are. You’re prepared to invest in getting more of them, but doing all of this is extremely time-consuming. After some time, you’ll get lost in the job. You’ll have broken links to sellers’ pages and lose track of who’s coming to your page.

To be sure that you’re not going to get lost, you need to start using an ad tracker. There are some fantastic software solutions on the Internet that control everything you do from a single platform. Click here to see how the affiliate tracking software works.


These five tricks will make your advertising strategies sparkle. Use them wisely and make the best of the software we recommend. No one built a famous and popular blog with thousands of visitors without putting additional effort into it. It all takes dedication, hard work, but most importantly – knowledge about how to get things done. We hope you’ve learned more about advertising and how to get more traffic.

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