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May 06, 2021

The Effect of Cell Phone Use on Academic Performance

Experts have performed studies that show a clear correlation between phone addiction and academic performance. It's important to take note of both possibilities and threats it can bring. This article will dive further into this topic.

What Does the Statistic Say?

Cell phone use statistics found that 95% of students bring their phones to class every day. With 92% using them to text in class, and even 10% admitted to having texted during an exam (Tindell and Bohlander, 2012). This is enough data to cause controversy and have many wondering about the healthy use of these technology gadgets among the young population.

For many years there have been numerous discussions on the influence of cell phone use on the grades of students and their performance. These free examples of argumentative essays on cell phones in school at provide arguments both for and against using phones in the classroom. The idea of addiction in young people is terrible, whether it's drug addiction or internet use. And with a clear rise in technology addiction over the course of the years, many worry about the future of our generations.

We all live in a world where technology is becoming more and more widespread each day. Even many of our elders now have mastered the ability to navigate through the web with a cell phone. However, what the experts are concerned about is the negative effects of cell phones on students. 

How Mobile Phone (News - Alert) Use Affects Student Grades

A recent study found that cell phone use was having a bad impact on the fitness of U.S college students. The data collected for the study explained that because students spend more time online, they have a more sedentary life. This same study also found evidence that proved how phones affect students' grades.

Jacobsen and Forste, in a study developed in 2011, found negative effects of cell phone use among college students in the United States. They were reported to have a lower GPA (grade point average).

Of course, this topic is a controversial one. While numerous cell phone research shows how their use affects students' performance, there have also been other interesting ones.

If your child has been getting lower grades in their essays, it might not be a casualty. Studies have shown that students overestimate their capacity to multitask. They might be paying less attention to how they write, and that will lead to lower performance in class. 

Do American Schools Regulate Use of Phones?

Many schools have been wondering whether to prohibit cell phone use in their installations. Back in July, California passed a law that gives public schools the authority to ban phone usage. Of course, except for calls for emergencies or other special circumstances.

Another school in Michigan has recently prohibited carrying or using a phone during the school day.

This is certainly a trend rising in many American schools. And probably for the better, as it is proven that it affects students' performance. 

Should We Fight the Use of Phones at School?

This topic is a controversial one. While numerous studies show how cell phone use affects students' performance, there have also been other interesting ones.

Other examples of studies show the contrary, as Chen and Tzeng's study did. In their research back in 2010, they found that students using the internet for information and to learn more about their homework topics was associated with better academic performance.

However, using the internet for other things such as video games lowered the levels of academic performance among students. Many might argue that how students use their cell phones impact deeply in their performance, rather than just the use itself. If a student uses the cellphone for research on their paper, then it is nothing to worry about.

On the other side, those who say cell phones should be allowed in schools often cite educational benefits. For example, a quick google search might dissolve some doubts or strengthen the knowledge in many topics. This has to be done carefully and through a rigorous control method. This way maybe students can enjoy a little bit of technology a day without the bad effects. 


There are many strong opinions when it comes to this topic. The research has found strong evidence of lower performance among students when cell phone use is in the way. However, maybe this can be reduced by strict control of what goes on inside the classroom.

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