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May 05, 2021

Labodet Store Team Advice on Choosing the Best Case for iPhone

The French brand Labodet presents a new collection of luxury iPhone cases. Labodet Store Team offers a great variety of stylish covers, which are famous for their high quality, convenience, and elegance. The professional crew understands the fact that most people perceive cases not just as protectors for their appliances but as accessories and an integral part of the daily look. So, the French company provides a wide diversity of different designs for its products to satisfy any client’s preferences.

The products provided by Labodet Store are so popular all over the world due to the use of qualitative and expensive materials only. The uniqueness of the new French collection is that all goods are available in 100% genuine leather, including alligator, crocodile, python, calf, and ostrich. The use of natural leather for case production assures the longevity of your purchase. The company demonstrates a price-quality ratio.

In addition, there is an opportunity to receive a cover made of modern technically enhanced material – carbon fiber. The use of carbon for accessories production is a quite original decision because usually, this material is used for building sports and racing cars, spacecraft, or jet fighters. Therefore, it is obvious that the choice of the carbon fiber assures the highest level of phone security.

Another advantage of the Labodet Store products such as luxury iPhone case is the great variety of colors. All protectors are represented in 10 colors: Gray, Orange (News - Alert), Green, Honey, Black, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Brown, Pink, and Red. Moreover, you can choose the color for hand-polished metalware. There are three available options: steel, black, and gold.

It is quite difficult to make the right choice when there are a lot of great variants of covers. So, the Labodet Store Team advises to:

  • define a budget
  • take into account the color of your iPhone
  • determine the purpose of purchase (whether you need a protector, a stylish decoration, or a practical accessory)

It would be useful to consider every model to determine the most attractive for you. In Labodet, you will find the following propositions:

  • Classic Case. A universal design with a flowing, semi-matte finish, which is appropriate for any look.
  • Strap Case. This sample proposes a convenient technique of phone holding due to the leather hand strap.
  • Card Case. Are you looking for practicality? This option is perfect for you because of a special pocket for your credit cards and driver’s license.
  • Pouch Case. Fallings are not a problem for your device anymore as the design of this pattern assures 100% protection. A Pouch model covers the appliance’s back and screen.
  • Folio Case. This sample offers a spacious pocket and a pair of card slots for your documents, which makes this model one of the most practical.
  • Double Card. With this pattern, it is possible to carry your credit cards and IDs with you all the time because of two convenient card gaps.
  • Double Card Case. This cover has the same form as the Double Card has. They differ only in coloring. The Double Card model has one color for pockets and the cover. A Double Card Case gaps are offered in a contrasting color. 
  • Wallet with MagSafe. This cover’s attractiveness is its unusual design with a pair of gaps, which are attached to the cover back with the help of magnet stones. So, you can remove pockets if there is no necessity to carry cards or IDs with you.
  • Crossbody Bag. This unique case refers to a classic shoulder bag with a practical long strip. Therefore, the Crossbody Bag is used as a traditional accessory for every day.

It is possible to order cases for such iPhone models as 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max.

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