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May 05, 2021

Which is The Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner on the Market?

Catalytic converter cleaner is a liquid that can help extend the life of the converter if it becomes clogged. There are several ways to clean catalysts.

Even an insignificant layer of carbon deposits, the thickness of which does not exceed 5 microns, which has arisen in the motor power supply system, can lead to disruption of the entire operation of the system. To prevent these consequences, a Hi-Gear catalyst cleaner is used. Alongside others, we consider it as the best catalytic converter cleaner on our market, but you can also refer to engineswork, if you want to know what is the best catalytic converter cleaner on the US market.

The tool is easy to use and has high efficiency, invented by scientists and created on the basis of the most modern technologies. This is a unique composition, a powerful complex that is able to eliminate not only medium but also severe pollution.

The additive washes the catalyst, as well as all fuel supply units, including the fuel tank and pump.

Hi-Gear Catalytic Converter Fuel System and Combustion Chamber Cleaner is a professional tool for cleaning and restoring catalytic converter efficiency. Also allows you to clean the power supply system of injection engines without disassembly.

Designed for gasoline injection engines with a neutralizer. Removes carbon deposits deposited on the working surface of the neutralizer honeycomb, dirt from the gas tank, spongy deposits from the intake valves, carbon deposits from the walls of the combustion chambers.


  • Reduces hydrodynamic resistance of the exhaust system
  • Provides uniform idle speed and optimal mixing conditions
  • Restores original engine power
  • Reduces toxicity of exhaust gases

Purpose and compatibility

Hi-Gear Catalyst Cleaner is a professional method for cleaning and restoring effective catalytic converter performance. In addition, flushing makes it possible to clean the power supply system of the injection engine without disassembly.

Designed for all types of gasoline injection engines with catalytic converters.

  • active substances, which are included in the catalytic converter cleaner, provide softening and removal, together with the exhaust gases, of carbon deposits formed on the working surface of the catalytic converter honeycomb, mud deposits from the gasoline tank, carbon deposits from the throttle valve, from the walls of the combustion chambers and the intake manifold, the intake tract , spongy deposits from the intake valves;
  • the additive creates a decrease in the hydrodynamic resistance of the exhaust mechanism;
  • the cleaner restores the uniformity of idle speed and the best conditions for the formation of the mixture;
  • helps to restore the factory power of the motor;
  • reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases;
  • eliminates detonation;
  • safe for catalysts and oxygen sensors;
  • carries out the prevention of corrosion in fuel lines;
  • reduces fuel consumption.

The manufacturer of the catalyst flush, fuel system and combustion chambers Hi-Gear guarantees the cleaning of the fuel injectors. That in the future will help to reduce fuel consumption, increase power, lengthen the service life of the parts of the power supply system and the converter.

Guide for using the cleaner

The main feature of the High Gear catalyst cleaner is that there is no need to remove the nozzles from the car.

Instructions for using the flush:

  • Use the cleaner before refueling the vehicle.
  • Pour the additive into a one-third full fuel tank.
  • Refuel up to the full tank.
  • Produce all fuel in normal operation without intermediate refueling.
  • One can of flushing is enough to process a gas tank with a volume of 65–75 liters.

To clean the intake tract, in addition to these instructions, you must also follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of a particular brand of machine.

To keep the machine mechanisms clean at all times, it is recommended to clean the neutralizer of injection engines every 5-7 thousand kilometers.

An industrial test has shown that adding flush to quality gasoline will not spoil it.

Buyers Guide

Many experts recommend injector cleaner as a preventive measure, regardless of the vehicle model.

Experts find catalyst flushing to be very effective and easy to use. In their opinion, flushing as often as recommended by the manufacturer is certainly possible, but not necessary. They advise flushing after about three, on the fourth lubrication change.

The advantage of this tool is that the operation can be performed independently even by a person who does not at all have in-depth knowledge about the device of the car.

Reviews of the purifier are mostly positive. Car enthusiasts talk about a fairly effective catalyst cleaning and not a high price.

Real User Testimonials:

  • This cleaner works, I have been using this product for many years. Recommended to friends the experience is also good. But when the car has been for many many years and with high mileage and the wheelchair is about to die, do not expect a new result.
  • I think this is the best catalyst-reducing agent. There are many reviews of this fuel additive on the Internet. And there are a lot of examples where power increases and consumption decreases. I cleaned myself for 50,000 km, now I think to clean it again for 100,000.

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