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May 03, 2021

Easy Ways to Customize Your WordPress Website


Building your website
using WordPress has the connotation of being limited and rigid. It is believed that WordPress is simply themes and a bit of personalization. But this cannot be any further from the truth– WordPress has a lot of scope to be customized and make almost whatever changes you would like to. The result is a beautiful, easily navigable website that attracts users when they open the website, provided you do the customization right.

Even though WordPress is mostly drag-and-drop, having a design acumen and working knowledge of WordPress becomes important. Hiring a WordPress website design specialist seems to be a good choice when conflicted with the dilemma of learning WordPress, design and hoping to strike gold in the first attempt or choosing someone who has a way better chance of shaping your vision. Nevertheless, here are some easy ways to customize your WordPress website:

Change the theme

 The easiest of all ways to customize your website is changing the theme. Your web page can have a drastic impact at the click of a button. Choose a theme that captures your brand tone from the plethora of WordPress options and some outside parties provide.

Create a custom homepage

 A custom homepage sounds like some work of coding involved. But WordPress has unique abilities that allow you to use your creativity at lengths. Create a custom homepage using elementor or Gutenberg, or any other page builder. It's all drag and drop. The only difference is that you will be making it mostly from scratch, allowing you to freely make changes that you want.

Changing typefaces

This might sound absurd, but changing the font can significantly impact your web page. The font you choose has a significant impact on the character of your site, and thus it makes it essential that you make the right choice from the start; if you change the font of the website, the whole appeal and the tone change drastically.

Static homepage switch

This is something bloggers make use of. This change is super easy to undertake straight from the WordPress dashboard. Just flip this setting to a static page. This will allow you to customize a homepage according to your brand, and you can even add elements like a form or an offer. It will take the user straight to the desired pages, reducing the drop-off rate.

Create a landing page

A landing page is a page where you send traffic to convert eventually. Creating a landing page using elementor or any other page builder will help you with your conversions. One hot tip regarding landing pages is that you either remove all navigation or restrict the navigation on that page. Moreover, to do this, you’ll need to know how to create custom menus.

Final Words

WordPress is highly customizable if you know your way around the software. You can do tons of stuff just by dragging and dropping. It needs a little technical know-how and a lot of design thinking. However, you can quickly start customizing your site by picking a customizable theme and start editing. Or better hiring someone to do it for you. But the bottom line remains, if you know how to make use of it, WordPress can prove to be a powerful tool to create an astonishingly beautiful website that displays your brand appeal and converts users into customers.

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