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April 19, 2021

Technology is helping lawyers make progress with personal injury claims that go to court

Technology has had a noticeable impact on the way we receive information. In the old days, people used to gather around the TV or radio to get their news. With the growth of the Internet, and other technological breakthroughs, information has become more accessible. Technology has changed how we consume information, entertain ourselves, and meet each other. As advances in technology continue to revolutionize today’s landscape, it’s not surprising that it has had a major impact both in private and professional life. The workplace has benefited the most, just to be clear. No matter what type of law you practice right now, as compared to a decade ago, your life is so much easier.

Lawyers who don’t take advantage of new-age tools can’t keep up. Today, legal professionals should have a sustained interest in technology because it’s a fundamental building block of the modern world. The good news is that most law firms make an effort to become accustomed to emerging technologies. They have important information stacked on their computers. In court, they stick to their devices. Technology is especially helpful for personal injury law firms. From case management software to powerful mobile technology, investments of this kind promise big returns. Let’s take a close look at how technology can make personal injury litigation that much simpler.

Faster claims settlements using artificial intelligence

As far as personal injury cases are concerned, there’s the option of accepting the settlement or taking matters to court. Cases of this kind tend to settle before reaching a trial to save time and money, not to mention reduce risk. In addition to securing damages from the infringer in a timely manner, the rights holder is able to curb repeated infringement, as long as a significant amount of damages is written into the agreement. Victims are offered a personal injury calculator to get an idea of what their claim is worth. According to the specialists at Compensation Calculator UK, it’s important to understand the level of compensation the claim is worth and look forward to getting just compensation.

Some cases are better off going to court, but that’s a different story. At present, artificial intelligence is used to support the work of legal professionals and the court. More exactly, it makes a contribution towards easing the legal process of claim settlement. With the help of AI software, it’s possible to finalize the claims settlement process in only a matter of seconds. What the software system does is organize, evaluate, and document important information to proceed in the best possible way. Machine learning allows the program to make predictions and even take decisions. Current advances in artificial intelligence aren’t capable of simulating a human brain, but they’re pretty close.

Convincing the insurance adjuster, the judge, or the jury the person/business being used is solely responsible

In personal injury law, there’s something called burden of proof. It makes reference to how much evidence must be provided to win the case. The judge won’t rule in favor of the plaintiff or grant monetary compensation for the injuries and losses suffered if they fail to meet the required burden of proof. More often than not, insurance companies will try to deny liability by stating that the plaintiff contributed or even caused the accident. In these circumstances, modern technology can come to the rescue. Litigators can solve the issue of who or what is liable. For instance, Uber and other ride sharing app drivers have cameras installed on board. The images can be used to demonstrate the reckless driving of the other party.

Speaking of Uber, many companies have started to implement self-driving vehicle technology. Examples include but aren’t limited to Google, General Motors (News - Alert), and Tesla. When a regular individual is involved in a motor vehicle accident and seeks compensation for their injuries, it’s hard to establish who is to blame. Generally speaking, manufacturers are legally responsible for making sure that drivers understand how to use the autonomous vehicles appropriately. Not that long ago, a law firm opened a class action suit against Tesla claiming that the Autopilot 2.0 software was misleading. Unfortunately, the claims were refuted. Nevertheless, later on, a death was attributed to Tesla’s Autopilot software.

Using visual aids to increase the ability of the audience to recall details during the presentations

You know what they say: Seeing is believing. Visual aids and demonstrative exhibits can be used in the courtroom to get the message across. These visuals find their way into the jury’s discussions and, most importantly, can influence their verdicts. The jurors, and the judge, can visualize what’s happening, so it’s simpler for them to connect the pieces of the personal injury case. Not surprisingly, people retain very little of what they hear. When they see something, they’re more likely to retain information. Therefore, computer animations and simulations can be used to support the plaintiff’s case. People will get to see the accident – in other words, what really happened.

A 3D animation is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools that a personal injury lawyer can use in showing how an event took place. The audience can easily understand the narrative, as well as the key points of the case. Illustrations are equally helpful. If the case involves medical malpractice, the illustration will show the steps of the surgery, the risks, and the potential complications. The jury can get a good understanding of how the surgical operation is performed and the suffering endured by the plaintiff. Visual aids may draw objection from the opposing counsel, but lawyers prepare ahead of time for such matters.

To sum up, technology has brought about a massive change in the ways the game is played. Technology is actively unlocking capabilities that help a personal injury lawyer act faster. It requires minimal intervention, but it can add to the complexity of personal injury claims. Nevertheless, legal professionals are smart and can obtain the best outcomes for their clients no matter if they’ve been involved in a road traffic accident or an accident at work. It’s hoped that more and more lawyers will look to technology to enhance their practices.

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